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VT1220 Endoparasites

Endoparasite flash cards

Study of fungi Mycology
Study of viruses Virology
Infections contracted during a hospital stay Nosocomial
Color of gram positive stained organisms red
Color of gram negative stained organisms blue
arranged in clusters staph
arranged in small chains strep
spherical cocci
oblong rod
causes Anthrax Bacillus anthrasis
the category of flukes Trematodes
the category of Giardia & Coccidia Protozoa
the category of tapeworms Cestodes
the category of roundworms Nematodes
Anoplocephala spp.are in what category Cestodes
Taenia spp are in what category Cestodes
Echinococcus spp are in what category Cestodes
Dipylidium spp are in what category Cestodes
Paranoplocephala are in what category Cestodes
Monezia spp. are in what category Cestodes
Thysanosoma spp are in what category Cestodes
Spirocerca esophageal worm
Physaloptera spp stomach worm
Habronema stomach worm
Draschia stomach worm
Ascarops spp stomach worm
Hyostrongylus spp stomach worm
Toxocara spp ascarid
Toxascaris spp ascarid
Parascaris ascarid
Ascaris spp ascarid
Ancylostoma spp hookworm
Uncinaria spp hookworms
cause of cutaneous larval migrans hookworms
Strongyloides spp threadworm
Trichuris spp whipworm
Enterobius spp pinworm
Oxyuris spp pinworm
Strongylus spp strongyle
Triodontophorus spp strongyle
Thelazia eyeworm
Dictophyma renale urogenital worm
Capillaria urogenital worm
Tritrichomonas foetus urogenital worm
Stephanurus spp urogenital worm
Dictyocaulus spp lungworm
Metastrongylus spp lungworm
Protostrongylus spp lungworm
Bunostomum trichostrongyle
Cooperia trichostrongyle
Chabertia trichostrongyle
Haemonchus trichostrongyle
Oesophagostomum trichostrongyle
Ostertagia trichostrongyle
Trichostrongylus trichostrongyle
Nematodirus trichostrongyle
Marshallagia trichostrongyle
Elaeophora schneideri arterial worm
Cellophane tape us used to identify what pinworms
The Baermann technique is used to identify nemotodes
Dirofilaria spp. are diagnosed by examining what blood
Sipetalonema spp are diagnosed by examining what blood
Trypanosomes are diagnosed by examining what blood
Rickettsia are diagnosed by examining blood
Created by: DrCariWise