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Pharm-AB senarios

Antibiotic Senarios

A drug stored in an amber bottle loses its stability if exposed to: Light
Which is considered the best method for choosing an antibiotic: Culture and sensitivity
These types of antibiotics need peaks and valleys to work most effectively = longer intervals between doses Bacteriocidals
These types of antibiotics need constant antibiotic levels to work most effectively = shorter intervals between doses Bacteriostatics
Less effective than the theoretical sum = cidal + static Antagonistic
Effect is much increased over the theoretical sum of each = cidal + cidal Synergistic
A golden retriever presents with small scabs on his abdomen and a Culture taken from the scabs has come up positive for Staphylococcus. The most effective antibiotic on your sensitivity plate is likely from what group? Cephalosporins
A drug that crosses the BBB and can be used in humans to treat meningitis. This drug is also illegal to use in food producing animals due to the risk of aplastic anemia in humans. Chloramphenicol
A rabbit needs an antibiotic set up for a skin infection. Which group of antibiotics would the Dr. for sure not use – Penicillins, Aminoglycosides, Lincosamides, Tetracyclines, Fluoroquinolones? Lincosamides - destroy good bacteria in ceca
A 6 month old black lab has a laceration on his chest. After repairing the laceration, the doctor is prescribing antibiotics for him. What drug would likely be prescribed? Baytril® (Enrofloxacin), Tylan® (Tylosin), Antirobe® (clindamycin), Clavamox® Clavamox (Baytril - not in young animals) (Tylan - pigs) (Antirobe - dental infections/abscesses)
A cat with conjunctivitis due to a herpes infection would likely be treated with which medication? (Amoxicillin) Amoxi-drops® (Miconazole) Malaseb® (Lincomycin) Lincocin ® (oxytetracycline)Terramycin® (Amikacin) Amikin ® Terramycin
A dog comes in with Stage 4 periodontal disease. The doctor wants to set up antibiotics prior to the dental prophylaxis. Which drug is he likely to choose? Baytril® (enrofloxacin) Antirobe® (clindamycin) Albon® Antirobe
What are the drug classes? Cefazolin Clavamox Doxycycline Neomycin Primor® Cefazolin - Cephalosporins Clavamox - Penicillin Doxycycline - Tetracycline Neomycin - Aminoglycoside Primor - Sulfonamide
What are the drug classes? Ciprofloxacin Tilmicosin Phosphate (Micotil®) Amphotericin B Ketoconazole Antirobe® (clindamycin) Griseofulvin Ciproflaxacin - Fluoroquinolone Tilmicosin Phosphate - Macrolide Amphotericin B - Systemic Fungal infection Tx Ketoconazole - Superficial Fungal infection Tx Antirobe - Lincosamide Griseofulvin - Superficial Fungal infection Tx
What are the drug classes? Gentamicin Enrofloxacin (Baytril®) Ampicillin Erythromycin Orbifloxacin (Orbax®) Streptomycin Gentamicin - Aminoglycosides Enrofloxacin/Baytril - Fluoroquinolones Ampicillin - Penicillins Erythromycin - Macrolides Orbifloxacin/Orbax - Fluoroquinolones Stretomycin - Aminoglycosides
Created by: k.jamie9