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Nutrition Final Exam

True or false."As Fed" refers to the guaranteed amounts found in the bag. True
True or false. Pet food labels must contain a lifestage distinction. False
A product intended for all lifestages must meet the nutritional needs for _________. Growth
What part of the bag tells you if the contents of the bag will support your puppy? Nutritional Adequacy Statement
1 kg = 2.2lbs
What does AAFCO stand for? American Association Feed Control Officals
What does FDA stand for? Food and Drug Administration
True or false. Lactating bitches should be fed at specific times to prevent her from leaving her puppies. False (She is freefed)
True or false. Dogs use hydration levels to maintain their body temperature. False
True or false. Most senior dogs require less food to maintain a good body condition. True
What is the most common nutritional disorder among cats? Obesity
This is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree. Kilocalorie
1g carbs= 4 calories of energy
What vitamin can cats not synthesize? Vit A
Puppy food should contain a min of ___% of fat. 8%
Puppy food should contain a min of ___% of protein. 22%
How many times per day should puppies be fed? TID or greater
What are the ages of puppies? 0-2yo
What are the ages of adult dogs? 2-7yo
What are the ages of senior dogs? 7+yo
What are the 2 amino acids required in feline diets? Arginine and taurine
What is FLUTD? Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
What 2 B complex vitamins do cats require higher amounts of? Niacin and thiamine
What are the ages of kittens? Under 1yo
What are the ages of a young adult cat? 1-7yo
What are the ages of a mature adult cat? 7-11yo
What are the ages of a senior cat? 11+yo
True or false. Essential fatty acids are synthesized within the animal. False (Nonessential)
What is the overall goal with food animal nutrition? Fatten them up FAST to sell!
What is any constituent of food that is ingested to support life? Nutrient
What nutrient aids in the absorption of vit A, D, E, K? Fats
What is the normal pH range of animal blood? 7.35-7.45
What are the monosaccharides? Glucose, Fructose, Ribose, and Galactose
What are the disaccharides? Maltose, Sucrose and Lactose
What are the 3 reasons why fiber is effective for weight loss? -Decreases calorie intake -Increases the amt of energy used -Maintains Satity
What is the essential fatty acid required by felines? Arachidonic
Where do monosaccharides travel in the body to be converted to glycogen or fat? Liver
1g fat= 9 calories of energy
True or false. Fiber is derived from starch. False
What are the 2 most commonly seen vitamin deficiencies seen in private practice? Vit E and K
What vitamin does selenium interact with to help prevent cellular damage? Vit E
What 2 vitamins are also antioxidants? C and E
Define Digestible. Proportion of nutrients available for absorbtion
Define bioavailability. The amount absorbed by the body
What are the 3 energy producing nutrients? Proteins, Fats, Carbs
What are the 3 nonenergy producing nutrients? Minerals, Vitamins and water
Fiber is a form of __________________. Complex carbohydrate
What organ depends on fatty acids? Liver
What term regards to the breakdown of excessive fat? Ketosis
Name 3 functions of water -lubrication -transports -BP regulation -temp regulation -absorbs vitamins B&C -Balances electrolytes
What vitamins are water soluble? B & C
What percentage of a puppy is water? 84%
What is the formula for the amount of water your pet needs? 30mls/lb/24 hours
What are the 4 ways one could lose water? -Insensible losses -Defecation -Urination -Sweat
What test is run to check an animals hydration levels? PCV
What condition is usually found with a lower PCV? Anemia
What condition is usually found with a higher PCV? Dehydration
Macromineral means __________________________. The body needs it in large amounts
What is another name for micromineral? Trace elements
An excess of what 2 minerals can cause urinary calculii? magnesium and phosphorus
What mineral aids in bone formation and blood clotting? Calcium
Hypertension means _____________________. High blood pressure
What 6 signs might one have after a sodium overdose? -thirst -pruritus -constipation -seizures -High BP -Death
What mineral metabolizes Carbs and Lipids? Magnesium
What mineral metabolizes Carbs and Proteins? Zinc
What 6 signs might you have after a selenium overdose? -hypersalavation -staggered gait -no appetite -garlic breath -nail loss -dyspnea
Where does iodine accumulate? thyroid
Name a deficiency of iodine. -goiter -apathy -fetal reabsorption
How do you measure microminerals? ppm
How do you measure Macrominerals? %
An excess of what mineral can cause hepatitis? copper
What vitamin works with eyesight? A
What type of soluble vitamins are not stored and are absorbed via active transport? Water soluble
What is yellow fat disease? pansteatitis
What condition are microbreeds most at risk for? hypoglycemia
What is another name for gastric torsion? Bloat
1kcal = 100 calories
what are the 2 subcatagories of extreme working dogs? sprinters and endurance
A hairball remedy diet might include an increase in what ingredient? Fiber
True or false. There are diets that prevent hairballs. False
Define hematuria. Blood in the urine
Define dysuria. Difficult urination
What is idiopathic cystitis? A bladder infection caused by an unknown reason
What are the 8 pieces of information? 1-ingredients 2-nutritional adequacy statement 3-feed guidelines 4-net weight of food 5-Designation of intent 6-Product name 7-guaranteed analysis 8-Company location
Define humectant. A preservative added to prevent mold or fungal growth
You would _______________ fiber in a diet for a LG bowel/Colitis issue. increase
You would _____________ fiber in a diet for a SM bowel issue. Decrease
What does fiber do in a diabetic diet? Slows the uptake of glucose in the bloodstream while minimizing post prandial spikes
What are the 3 most common ingredients that cats are allergic to? -Fish -Beef -Milk
What are the 3 most common ingredients that cats are allergic to? -Beef -Chicken -Milk
_________________ reduce inflammation. Fatty acids
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