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Clinical Diets

Nutrition - Clinical Diets

Clinical signs of DM in pets stems from the effects of ________. Hyperglycemia
Rising glucose levels in the ________ and _______ disrupt fluid and energy balances. blood and urine
Define Polyuria. Increased urination
Define Polydipsia. Increased thirst
What type of diabetes is characterized by a lack of insulin in the body? Type 1
What type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependant diabetes? Type 1
What type of diabetes is the pancreas still capable of producing insulin, just not enough? Type 2
True or false. Type 2 diabetes is more common in dogs than cats. False
True or false. Cats can not clear glucose from the blood stream as quickly as dogs. True
Feeding how often will help to minimize a cat's postprandial glucose spikes? Ad lib feeding
_______________ should replace _____________ in regards to a diabetic diet. Protein; Carbs
Insulin is necessary for _________ metabolism. Protein
_____________ reduce oxidative stress in diabetic animals. Antioxidants
GI disorders impair a pet's ability to ______ and ________ nutrients. digest and absorb
What are some causes of a GI disorder? -Change in diet -Allergies -Parasites -Toxins -Stress -Ingesting foreign objects
What type of gastritis has intermittent vomiting over a period of weeks or even months? Chronic gastritis
What type of gastritis is usually self limiting characterized by vomiting that usually resolves in 24-48 hours? Acute gastritis
_______________ disease refers to any condition that affects the small intestines. Small bowel disease
True or false. Fatty acids reduce inflammation. True
Animals that suffer from a ________________ should be fed low fat/fiber diet. Small bowel
What are the 4 factors that can effect the health of an animals GI? -Disease -Age -Stress -Drugs
What are a few of the signs of a food allergy? -Dry skin -Hotspots -Itching -Swollen anal glands -Transient gastritis -Bowel issues
What should be added to a food allergy diet? -Zinc -Fatty acids -Antioxidants
What are the 3 most common foods dogs are allergic to? Milk, Beef and Chicken
What are the 3 most common foods cats are allergic to? Milk, Fish and Beef.
What term refers to food that has been changed on a molecular level? Hydrolyzed
Define novel: New
What are some examples of a novel protein? -Kangaroo -Soy -Rabbit -Duck -Lamb -Buffalo
True or false. Changing the size of a kibble of pet food can help clean the teeth. True
Define plaque. Bacteria that later converts to tarter
Define calculus. Hardened plaque and tarter from overtime.
What are the 4 types of peridontal disease? 1-None/Min 2-Min w/ gingivitis 3-Gum recession and inflammation 4-Bifurcated teeth, fully receeded gumline
Food allergies are an allergic response to from the ________ Immune system
What is the primary protein dogs are allergic to? Beef
What is the primary protein cats are allergic to? Fish
What percentage of allergies are considered food allergies? 30%
Why is fiber added to Diabetic diets? To slow down the digestion to prevent spikes in glucose
How often is insulin given? twice daiy (every 12 hours )
What is the organ responsible for insulin production? pancreas
Define Acute Brief and severe (short term)
Define chronic reccuring , constant (long term)
Colitis involves the _____ large intestine
Enteritis involves the ______ small intestine
Define pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
Describe the dental preventative scale Good= Diet Better= mechanical(chewing) Best= Brushing
In the case of severe oral lessions you might place a ________ nasogastric tube
In the case of nose and mouth trauma you might place a ______ gastrointestinal tube
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