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Cephalosporin Clinical uses: Cystitis, skin infections, pyoderma and soft tissue infections; mastitis, shipping fever and pneumonia in LA
Cephalosporin 2 important advantages over penicillin: Active agains penicillinase producing bacteria, effective against some gram - bacteria as well as gram positive (Broad Spectrum)
Cephalosporin -static or -cidal Bactericidal
Cephalosporin Spectrum of Activity Broad
Cephalosporin Toxicity Non-toxic
Cephalosporin Penicillinase Resistance Resistant - Effective against all staph
Cephalosporin Cephalosporinase Resistance Suseptible
Cephalosporin Excretion Kidneys
Cephalosporin Metabolism Liver
Cephalosporin Examples: Simplicef, Convenia, Cefazolin/Ancef/Kefzol, Excenel, Naxcel, Cefa-Drops, Cefa-Tabs, Cefa-Lak.
What Cephalosporin form is used intramammary? Cefa-Lak
What Cephalosporin form is available only for dogs? Simplicef
Which Cephalosporin form must be given slowly? (Can cause nausea, seixuring and vomiting if too fast.) Cefazolin
Which Cephalosporin form is effective for 14 days? Convenia
Which Cephalosporin form is approved for lactating dairy animals? Naxcel
Other Cephalosporin dosage forms Cefaclor/Ceclor, Cefepime/Maxipime, Cefotaxime/claforan, Cefotaxime/Claforan, Cefotetan/Cefotan, Cefoxitin/Mefoxin, Ceftazidime, Cephalothin, Cephradine, Cefpodoxime
Cephalosporin Side Effects Allergic reactions, rare bleeding disorders, seizures, v/d
Created by: k.jamie9