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Lecture 1 8/26/11 E1

Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrients

Why is Nutrition Important -feed is a major expense (60-80% of total costs) -feed costs have increased over the past few years -genetics of animals are changing -environmental impact
Feeds materials fed to livestock which contain life sustaining nutrients
Feeding the process of consuming feed by animals or the process of providing feed to animals
Diet the makeup of the feed given to an animal
Ration amount of feed provided (often interchangable with diet)
Nutrition the act or process of nourishing or being nourished
Nutrient a nutritive substance or ingredient
6 Nutrient Categories -water -protein -carbohydrates -lipids -vitamins -minerals
Lind -1753 -published treatise on scurvy and citrus fruit -british started including citrus on naval (limey)
Antoine Lavoisier -late 1700s -carbon dioxide in human respiration (metabolism) -invented the first calorimeter to measure heat production by an animal
Megendie -1816 -fed foods without nitrogen to dogs -resulted in death after ~1 month
3 Major Roles of Nutrients -regulation of processes (signaling) -structural components -energy (stored in chemical bonds; used for maintenance, production, activity, etc.)
Goals of Animal Nutrition -meet the needs of the animals for stated production goals -maintain animal health -minimize costs of production (may not be consistent with maximum efficiency) -ingredients used must be appropriate for the animals for which the diets are developed
Nutrient Composition of Green Corn Plant -water: 70% -carbohydrate: 25% -protein: 2.5% -ash: 1.7% -fat: 0.8%
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