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Define Agranulocyte: No granules in the cytoplasm
Define Granulocyte: Granules are present in the cytoplasm
Name the 2 Agranulocytes: Monocyte and Lymphocyte
Name the 3 types of granulocytes: Neutrophils, Basophils, and Eosinophils
What is another name for a cell's vacuole? Stomach
What color do the granules stain on a basophil? Blue
What color do the granules stain on an eosinophil? Red
What is the adult version of the neutrophils? Segmented neutrophils
How many lobes are there on a segmented neutrophil? 3-5 lobes
What neutrophil releases histamine and has heparin in its cytoplasm? Basophil
What type of cell is known as the allergy slayer? Eosinophil
What type of cell is known as the unknown stranger? Basophil
Define paracitodal: Kills parasites
Define Bacterocidal: Kills bacteria
What type of cell stains blue and has an unidentifiable nucleus? Basophil
What type of cell stains red, while its nucleus stains blue? Eosinophil
List the WBCs in order of commonality within the body: 1-Neutrophils 2-Lymphocytes 3-Monocytes 4-Eosinophils 5-Basophils
What cell is also known as the baby neutrophil? Band Cell
What shape might a band cell resemble? Horse-shoe
How many lobes are there on a band cell? 2
What cell is known as the senior citizen of neutrophils? Hyper-Segmenteds
How many lobes might you find on a hyper-segmented neutrophil? 5+
What is the 2nd most common WBC? Lymphocyte
What cell is also known as the guard dog? Lymphocyte
What cell is also known as the scavenger? Monocyte
What type of cell has vacuoles and changes into a macrophage when it enters the tissues? Monocyte
What is the 3rd most common WBC? Monocyte
What WBC is responsible for immune regulation? Lymphocyte
Which WBCs are shortlived? All but T-Cells
What WBCs are longlived? Only T-Cells
What is the 4th most common WBC? Eosinophil
What is the 5th most common WBC? Basophil
Which WBC is considered the first line defender? Neutrophil
What is the primary responsibility of a Neutrophil? Fighting infections
How long can a neutrophil live in the tissue? 4 days
Where do eosinophils originate from? The bone marrow
What is the primary function of an eosinophil? To deactivate histamines
What is the primary function of a monocyte? To seek out invaders and eat them
What type of WBC has a poorly defined function and are rare in canine and feline blood? Basophil
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