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Pet food labels


What 2 associations are pet food companies regulated by? AAFCO and FDA
What are Digests ? Treated material for concentrated flavor
What are the 8 pieces of information all pet food companies must supply? Product name,Designation of intent, Net weight of contents, Ingredient list, guaranteed analysis, nutritional adequacy statement, Feeding guidelines, and manufacturer's name and address.
What is the dry matter calculation? Moisture subtracted from 100% = _"A" Protein divided by "A" =___ X 100
True or false Decreased crude protein is easier for the body to break down True
Wet food contains up to how much moisture? 78%
If wet food has gravy, stew, sauce etc.. added , it now contains how much moisture ? up to 87%
What is considered the most important piece of information on the pet food bag? Nutritional adequacy statement
What is meat meal? The protein after most of the moisture is removed
Def: AAFCO Association of American feed control officials (enforce regulations )
Def: FDA Food and drug association (State regulations)
Can u measure the percentage of protein after water is added? No
1 kilogram equals how many pounds? 2.2
Qualifying terms for 25% rule? BEEF –“Dinner, nuggets, formula, pâté”
Qualifying terms for the 95% rule BEEF- “dog food “
Qualifying terms for the 3% rule BEEF- “with”
The flavor rule must contain how much protein ? 0% it only has to be detectable
Ingredients are listed by what on food bags? Weight
Define Ingredient: The raw materials used in food
Define metabolizable energy (ME): The amount of energy gained from nutrition available for use in the body.
Define BARF: Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Raw Diet)
Define Humectants: Preservatives added that bind to water and inhibit mold and fungal growth.
Define FTC: Federal Trade Commission
Nutrient guarantees require percentages of what 4 items? -Crude Protein -Crude Fat -Crude Fiber -Moisture
How much water can be allowed by law if the words gravy, stew or juice is listed? 87%
Approx how much water is in meat? 75%
Approx how much water is in meat meal? 10%
Meat can only include what kind of muscle? Striated
1 kg = 2.2lbs
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