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k-9-Fel nutrition

Dog nutrition

7-10 days after birth a puppy can put on how much weight? Double it's birth weight
The first milk is also called? Colostrum
Puppies utilize antibodies in the first? 24 hours
At what age do deciduous teeth erupt? 3-4 weeks
What condition are micro-breeds predisposed if not fed frequently? Hypoglycemia
How often should you feed micro-breeds in the 12 weeks? at least 5 times daily
How often should you feed a med/lrg breed puppy ? 3 times daily
How often should you feed an adult dog? twice daily
what minerals may need to be increased in a large breed puppy diet? calcium, phosphorus, magnesium
Puppies need increased what for energy? Fat
Puppies require how much fat in there diet? Minimum of 8%
How much protien should be in a puppy diet? Minimum of 22%
Define ad lib feeding Free feeding or no limit placed on amount of feed.
Def : BSC Body score condition and it's scale
BSC 1: Emaciated
BSC 2: Underweight
BSC 3: Ideal
BSC 4: Overweight
BSC 5: Clinically Obese
You would find decreased cell replacement and kidney function in what life stage? Senior
Def: Special needs Anything outside the ordinary (kidney disease, pregnancy etc)
At what trimester would you start to change a pregnant bitch's diet? second trimester
How much should you increase calcium/phosphorus in lactating and pregnant bitches and at what stage? 60% the last 35 days of pregnancy
How many meals does an adult feline eat? 12-20 per/24
essential fatty acids in the feline diet? Linoleic acid alpha linolieic and arachadonic
What is the formation of glucose felines are dependent? Gluconeogenesis
What vitamin in excess can cause ataxia in cats and lead to death? Niacin
A deficiency in what essential fatty acid can cause blindness in felines? Taurine
At what age are felines still considered kittens? 0-1 year
At what age is a feline considered a young adult? 1-7 years
At what age is a feline considered a mature adult? 7-11 Yrs
At what age is a feline considered a senior? 11 + Yrs
What percentage can a kitten increase it's body weight in the first 5 months? 2000%
What are the 3 diseases felines are predisposed to? Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, Kidney disease.
Def: Mastitis Inflammation of the mammary glands
How much should you increase the protein level in a lactating bitch? 40-70%
Def: FLUTD Feline lower urinary tract disease
What sex is predisposed to FLUTD? Males
What condition in felines would you increase the fiber and H20 consumption ? Hairballs
What disease in felines is know to be caused by rapid weight loss or anorexia? Hypatic lypodosis
What urinary condition are male cat's prone to? idiopathic cystitis
What percentage of kidney function must be loss before increased enzymes will be apparent? 75%
True or False? Urine naturally concentrates in the urine. True
What is the normal growth rate for puppies? 2-4g per day per kg
At approx. what age do the canine teeth come in? 6 months
Define GDV. Gastric Dilitation Volvulus
True or false. Toy breeds are unable to regulate their blood glucose. True
How long should you leave a bowl of food down for a puppy to avoid them playing with it rather than eating it? 20 minutes
Name one reason why you might need to handfeed a puppy. -Mother rejects it -Mastitis -Puppy is a runt
Weaning of a puppy should be completed by what age? 6-8 weeks old.
Define kcal. Kilocalories
Define BARF. biologically appropriate raw food (Raw Diet)
What are the 4 categories for a dog's activity level? -Low -Moderate (AVG) -Hardworking -Extreme
Give an example of a dog in the hardworking activity level category. Working dogs, Service dogs, or search and rescue dogs
What are the 2 sub-categories of extreme activty level? Sprint racing (Greyhounds) & Endurance (Iditarod dogs)
What are the 3 environmental factors that can affect a dogs energy requirements? Climate, Envoronment, and Stress.
What is the recommended minimum age for canine breeding? 2 years
What is the average gestation of a canine? 63 days
What is the recommended amount of water a pregnant canine should have per day? 4-5 L
Name the condition. Increased water intake as well as output yet still dehydrated. Diabetes Mellitus
What is the primary goal of a senior dog nutrition? Maintain health and optimal body condition.
1 kcal= 1000 calories
What is the most common BCS? #4 (Overweight)
Preformed vitamin A as well as Arachidonic Acid is only found in what? Animal tissue
At what age should kittens start eating solid food? 7-9 weeks old
At what age should kittens be fed kitten food until? 10 months old
How much more energy is required by kittens than adult cats? 2 times as much
True or false. Kittens that have never had their mothers milk tend to have an agressive behavior. True
What is the average gestation of a feline? 63-65 days
About how much weight is loss by the queen at parturition? 40%
True or false. Food refusal during the 9th week of gestation is a good sign parturition will occur within the next 48 hours (Feline). True
What is the average lifespan of a feline? 14 years
What are 3 ways to control hairballs? -Frequent brushing -Always provide fresh drinking water -Provide a high fiber diet
How does fiber help control hairballs? Binds to the hair and helps to move it through the digestive tract.
Define Idiopathic. No known cause or reason
Define FLUTD. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Define periuria. Inappropriate urination
What are the 3 most common types of FLUTD? -Idiopathic cystitis -Urethral obstruction -Urolithiasis
What is idiopathic cystitis? The most common type of FLUTD. Non-infectious inflammatory bladder condition that can not be attributed to a specific underlying cause.
True or false. Indoor cats have a higher risk for FLUTD. True
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