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And Identification, too.

True or false.Fluorescein dye stains the superficial layer of the eye. False
Name a breed that is predisposed to Glaucoma. Afghan, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel (And more)
What are some of the early signs of acute glaucoma? -Obvious Pain -Tearing -Sensitivity to light -Pawing at the eye -inflammation
If untreated, what condition can lead to blindness? Glaucoma
What condition are you treating when you are reduce aqueous production OR increase the drainage opening? Glaucoma
What method for detecting glaucoma is the most accurate? Tonometer
Name the condition. An increase in intraocular pressure. Glaucoma
When reviewing results of a tonometer what are the average readings for a cat and dog? Cat: 2-7 mm Hg-- Dog: 3-7 mm Hg
True or false. Cataracts are non-hereditary. False
Name a breed of dog that is predisposed to cataracts. -Afghan -Beagle -Cocker Spaniel (And More)
What condition is described as an opacity that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or its envelope? Cataracts
What is another name for keratoconjunctivitis sicca? Dry Eye
What are some of the causes of corneal ulcers? Trauma, dryeye, aberrant eyelashes, entropion, and the inability to blink
What should never be used when treating a corneal ulcer? Corticosteriods
What are the effects of corticosteriods on a corneal ulcer? Decreased healing and possibly deepening the ulcer.
How are corneal ulcers diagnosed? With the use of fluorescein dye.
How many drops of ophthalmic solution is used at a time? 1-2 gtts
How much ophthalmic ointment is used at a time? 1/8th of an inch
What are a few metabolic causes of cataracts? Diabetes mellitus, inflammation or trauma
What is the most effective treatment for cataracts? Having them surgically removed
What are some signs of a corneal ulcer? Excessive tearing, squinting, and sensitivity to light.
Define OD. Right Eye
Define OS. Left Eye
Define OU. Both eyes
True or false. Ophthalmic ointments are easier to control when applying than solutions. False
What decreases healing time in corneal ulcers? Corticosteroids
Define enucleation. Removal of the eye.
How long must the tonometer be placed on the eye for proper results? 1-2 seconds
Hg refers to what element? Mercury
How long do you keep a schirmer tear test srip on the eye when testing? 1 minute
What are the normal readings for a cat and dog when using the Schirmer tear test? Cat: 10mm or greater --Dog:18-25 mm
What does a Tonometer measure? Intraocular pressure of the eye.
True or false. Genetic cataracts have yet to be reported in cats. True
Define conjunctivitis. Inflammation of the conjunctiva (Pinkeye)
Name the 4 main tests used in ophthalmology. -Dilation -Schirmer tear test -Fluorescein eye stain -Tonometer test
As of ________ there were 3 types of microchip scanners. 2008
What percentage of pets without ID are recovered? 10%
What is the type of microchip available primarily for equine? HorseTrac
What percentage of Americans buy Christmas gifts for their pets, and about how much money is spent annually? 90%; 5 Billion
Approx. how many animals are lost each year, and what percentage of these animals are reunited with their owners? 4 millions; 17%
What type of identification uses liquid nitrogen to destroy the hair pigment for identification purposes? Freeze branding
Where are horses typically tattooed? Lips
What area of the body is generally used for canine tattooing? Groin
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