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Vet Terminology 5

Body substances

aqua water
hydr/o- water
chol/o- bile
chyle milky fluid-product of digestion
chyl/o- milky fluid-product of digestion
dacry/o- tears
lacrima tears
galact/o- milk
lact/o- milk
hemat/o- blood
hidr/o- sweat
sudor sweat
lymph/o- lymph
muco- secretion of mucous membranes
myx/o- mucus
plasma fluid portion of blood
ptyal/o- saliva
pus liquid product of inflammation
py/o- pus
sangui- blood
sanguin/o- blood
serum clear portion of blood
ser/o- clear portion of blood
sial/o- saliva, salivary glands
ur/ea- urine or urea
adip/o- fat
amyl/o- starch
cerumen earwax
cerumin/o- earwax
ele/o- oil
ole/o- oil
ferrum iron
ferr/o- iron
gluco- sugar
saccar/o- sugar
hal/o- salt
heme iron-based, pigment part of hemoglobin
hormone body-produced chemical substance
hyal/o- glassy, translucent substance
hyalin glassy, translucent substance
lip/o- fat, fatty acid
lith/o- stone or calculus
mel/i honey or sugar
natrium sodium
petrous stony hardness
sal salt
sebum sebaceous gland secretion
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