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Phlebotom Board Exam

Preperetion for the Board Exam

Which of the additives the yellow-topped vacuum collection tube contains? Sodium Polyanetholesulfonate (SPS)
What size of the butterfly is frequently used? The butterfly udes 23 gauge, most all the time on newborn
Which of the anticoagulants is found in a royal blue-topped blood collection tube? no additive in the blue-topped tube
What is Lithium heparin? and for which tests it uses? Lithium heparin is a suitable anticoagulant that used for tests such as Glucose level
What is RAM SAFE-T-FILL? RAM SAFE-T-FILL is a blood microcollection system
The purple-topped tube Used for a blood cell count test that requires whole blood collected
The pink-topped tude Used for blood-banking procedures
BD Unopette A prefilled device used as a collection and dilution unit
The light blue-topped tube Collects PT and APTT specimens
EDTA An anticoagulants that recommended for blood smear preparations
In an emergency room an unconscious patient may be identified by who? Temporary identification label on the hand
Identification procedures for outpatients includes - photo identification - birth date - address - identification by a family member
Common sites for venipuncture (the antecubital area) First choice - Median Cubital Second choice - Cephalic vein Third choice - Basilic vein
The maximum time for a tourniquet? No more than 1 (one) minute
In some cases, why do we need to warm the site of venipuncture To increase localized blood flow
How many times should one patient be punctured during a procedure? No more than twice
Which tubes should be always drawn first? Blood culture
When should safety devices be activated during a venipuncture procedure? Immediately after withdrawal from the vein
What are "competency statements" for phlebotomists? Entry-level skills, tasks, roles
What is Veracity? An essential character trait for a phlebotomist, such as "telling the true"
How should a phlebotomist treat a deaf patient Ask the patient if you should repeat the steps before the procedure
Phases of Laboratory Testing 1. Preanalytical (drow the blood, the most important phase) 2. Analytical (test the blood in a lab) 3. Postanalytical (result from the lab)
What is SOP Standard Operating Procedures
Zones of interpersonal space - Intimate space (direct contact up to 18 inches) - Personal space (18 inches to 4 feet) - Social space (4 - 12 feet) - Public space (more than 12 feet)
An example of Internal Stakeholder for phlebotomy services? Physician or nurse
An example of "good rapport" with a patient ? Being courteous and showing empathy
In which phase of laboratory testing do phlebotomists have the most impact ? Preanalytical
How employers provide feedback on a phlebotomist's ability to do his/her job ? Performance evaluations
What should a phlebotomist do if the patient assigned to him/her does not speak English ? Seek a translator or written instructions in that language
Which phase of the laboratory process involves performing a chemical assay on a serum specimen ? Analytic
The color coding for needles what indicates ? Gauge size
What indicates the diameter of the needle ? Gauge of the needle. The small the gauge number, the larger the needle diameter
Winged Infusion is known as what ? A butterfly
What is the most common agent used to decontaminate a venipuncture site ? Isopropanol
A phlebotomist walks into a patient's room to collect a blood specimen. There are several family members in the room watching television with the patient. What should the phlebotomist do ? Ask the patient if it okay for the family to step outside during the procedure
Why is it important to position the patient properly prior to venipuncture ? Patient comfort and safety
If the patient is burned near the right elbow, where would the preferred venipuncture location be ? Left arm's antecubital area
The best angle for needle insertion during a venipucture is ___ degrees 45 degrees
The optimal depth of a finger stick in a child is ____ Less than 2.0 mm
What needle gauge is required for scalp vein venipuncture of an infant ? 23 gauge
The angle of the needle for scalp venipuncture of an infant should be ____ degrees 15 - 60 degrees
What are complications resulting from multiple deep skin punctures on an infants heel ? Hepalitis
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