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Platt Draw Order

Order of draw practice

Blood infection blood culture
PT Light Blue Top
Prothrombin Time Light Blue Top
PTT Light Blue Top
Partial Thromboplastin Time Light Blue Top
Fibrinogin Light Blue Top
Factor 8 Light Blue Top
Sodium Tiger Top/ SST
Potassium Tiger Top/ SST
Thyroid Panel Tiger Top/ SST
T3 Tiger Top/ SST
T4 Tiger Top/ SST
T7 Tiger Top/ SST
Liver Panel Tiger Top/ SST
Liver Profile Tiger Top/ SST
Cholesterol Tiger Top/ SST
Chem 6 Tiger Top/ SST
Chem 12 Tiger Top/ SST
Chem 20 Tiger Top/ SST
Vitamin C Tiger Top/ SST
Vitamin E Tiger Top/ SST
electrolytes Tiger Top/ SST
Bilirubin Tiger Top/ SST
Dilantin blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
Digoxin Blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
ASA blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
Tylenol blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
Lithium blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
Phenobarbital blood levels Tiger Top/ SST
Serology testing Red Top
Mono Spot Red Top
Epstein Barr Virus Red Top
Lymes Red Top
Rabies Red Top
HAV Red Top
HBV Red Top
HCV Red Top
HDV Red Top
HEV Red Top
Measles Red Top
Mumps Red Top
Rubella Red Top
MMR Red Top
Varicella Red Top
Chicken Pox Red Top
HIV Red Top
Herpes Red Top
HSV Red Top
Syphilis Red Top
RPR Red Top
VdRL Red Top
serum hCG Red Top
Pregnancy test Red Top
Ammonia Green Top
Blood pH Green Top
Cortisol Green Top
Chromosome analysis Green Top
toxicology testing Dark Blue Top
Marijuana Dark Blue Top
Cocaine Dark Blue Top
LSD Dark Blue Top
Amphetamines Dark Blue Top
Arsenic Dark Blue Top
Aluminum Dark Blue Top
Chromium Dark Blue Top
Copper Dark Blue Top
Iron Dark Blue Top
Mercury Dark Blue Top
Nickel Dark Blue Top
Selenium Dark Blue Top
Zinc Dark Blue Top
Lead Dark Blue Top
CBC Lavender Top
Complete Blood Count Lavender Top
WBC count Lavender Top
Hematocrit Lavender Top
Hemoglobin Lavender Top
ESR Lavender Top
Sed Rate Lavender Top
reticulocyte Lavender Top
T-cell count Lavender Top
TxC Pink Top
Type and Cross Pink Top
packed RBC's Pink Top
Rh Blood Banking Pink Top
DNA testing White Top
Blood Glucose Grey Top
FBS Grey Top
GTT Grey Top
Fasting Blood Sugar Grey Top
Glucose Tolerance Test Grey Top
ETOH Grey Top
Blood Alcohol Grey Top
Created by: Mrs. Foster
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