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Phlebotomy Test

Depth of a heel stick should not exceed 2.0mm
Additive of red/gray, red/black, SST is Thixotropic Gel (For Serum Separation)
Incorrect statement about Lavender tube Is used to collect specimen for Co-Ag studies
This can happen is tourniquet is left on too long Hemoconcentration
Test where blood & urine are collected over specific intervals GTT (Glucose Tolerance Testing)
You collect a STAT Electrolytes in a Green Tube
A Hematoma can be prevented by Applying pressure to the site
Most frequently occurring lab nosocomial infection HBV
Selerotic Veins Are Hard & Cord-like
A Fomite is Inanimate things that cause disease
Tubes containing Anti-Coagulants are inverted 8 times
Function of Thrombocytes is Clotting or repairing blood vessels
Warming the site prior to dermal puncture Increases blood flow to the site
Most common cause of Blood Culture contamination is Improper skin preparation
Blood in urine is called Hematuria
"Butterfly" is also known as WIS (Winged Infustion Set)
Additive for Green tube Li / Na Heparin (Lithium Heparin / Sodium Heparin)
Edema is Excessive water between tissue
Red Blood Cells are Erythrocytes
If blood is drawn from wrong patient you should Immediately redraw specimems
Antiglycolytic agent the preserves glucose stability for (3) days Na Fl (Sodium Flouride)
Before blood donation the donor should have this checked Hematocrit or Hemoglobin Values (Crit & Glob)
Hypoglycemia is Low Blood Sugar
Your pt's blood has been collected 3 times and every time the specimen hemolyzed. Possible Cause? A 25G needle has been being used
21G, 23G, 18G, 16G - which is the smallest needle 23G
If pt has IV in an arm; where should you draw from? The opposite arm
Blood in a plain red tube collects in 30-60 mins
Adequate rest & no food for 12 hours; this is considered to be in a Basal State
Proper way to dispose of a needle Put in sharps container without recapping, immediately after withdrawal from pt
Correct ending for venipuncture Remove tourniquet, remove tube, remove needle, apply pressure
Most commonly used vein for venipuncture Medial Cubital
Most common complication from phlebotomy Hematoma
ERS collection tube is Lavender
Additive for Light Blue Na Citrate (Sodium Citrate)
Destruction of Red Blood Cells Hemolysis
OSHA require health care workers to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B Virus
PT/PTT, CBC, Ammonia Level, Cardiac Enzymes. Put in proper Order of Draw Light Blue + Red + Green + Lavender
Additive for Gray Tube (K) Oxalate (Potassium Oxalate)
Blood Cultures are performed To discover infectious microorganisms
Boundaries for Heel Stick Medial line extending from great toe & lateral line extending from the fourth & fifth toe
Patient admitted to ER is unconscious & unidentifiable. What system is used to ensure pt identification? 3 part ID system that uses a temp armband & labels for specimens & blood transfusions
The purpose of a tourniquet To enlarge vein so they are easier to locate
Female pt tells you that it is against her religion to be touched by a man. Appropriate response from a male tech / phlebo should be: Get a female to perform procedure/draw/test
Drug abuse is suspected; a physcian might order a collection of Urine
Collection device used for skin puncture Capillary Tubes
This is NOT part of a CBC (Complete Blood Count) APTT (Activated Partial Thromnboplastin Time)
If a tourniquet is tied too tight, the capillaries rupture causing Petechiae
An obese pt needs a CBC drawn; which vein is most likely to be used? Cephalic Vein
Means of IDing a pt in a clinical lab (out-patient) Asking his/her name
You are drawing an in-patient for a CO-AG (coagulation) study. This is correct about the draw: Light Blue - Filled completely
If a pt refuses a blood draw you should Immediately report the refusal & actions taken to the nurse
Excessive squeezing of a finger in a capillary pucture can be Contaiminated with tissue Fluid
Giving pt adequate info concerning the method, risk & consequences prior to a procedure is called: Informed Consent
Your pt jerks during a draw and you get stuck with the needle. You should Wash wound with soapy water as soon as possible and report incident to your supervisor
CDC is Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Innermost layer of a blood vessel is Endothelial
Tube used for Gluclose Testing Gray
Microorganisms that cause disease are Pathogenic
A pt is taking asprin for arthritis. You should be concerned with Bleeding Time
Pt suffering from seasonal allergies. What would be the picture of her WBC differential count? Increased Eosinphils
What barrier protection is required when performing a venipuncture Gloves
The Patient Bill of Rights gives the patient the right to Refuse Treatment
You are on night shift and receive orders for all of the following tests within minutes of one another. Which has the greatest collection priority? STAT Electrolytes in the ER
You are asked to collect a pt in the Oncology Dept. The pt is most likely being treated for: Cancer
A PKU is being drawn. This speciemen is Blood collected from the newborn's heel
Called to ER to draw a CBC & Forensic Alcohol from a pt involved in an auto accident. Pt asks what blood tests the MD ordered. You should You are not allowed to reveal that information
Nosocomial Infection Infections contracted in a health care setting
Which tube will give you a serum specimen Red/Gray Top (SST)
12-year-old female had a pregnancy test drawn. She returned to lab w/o her parents. You overheard the results were positive and she wants to know the results. You should Tell her she needs to contact her physician to obtain results
Additive for Pink Tube EDTA
What information IS NOT placed on a specimen Diagnosis
Blood in an average adult body 5.0 L
How far above the collection site is the tourniquet placed 3-4"
Best sample for determinations of blood pH and blood gases? Aterial Blood
Appropriate tube to draw blood for a Lead Level EDTA or Heparin
Failure to give pt appropriate care is called Negligence
Clean Catch midstream unrine sample is used for Microbiological urine testing
An intentinal attempt to touch a pt with their consent is Battery
C & S (Culture & Sensitivity) is analyzed by the Microbiology Dept
A capillary is defined as Microscopic vessel
The purpose or the accession number Provides unique tracking number for the specimen with its test order
The BBP OSHA regulations require this to prevent needle stick injuries Use of approved needle safety devices manufactured to cover the exposed needle immediately after procedure
A pt you were going to draw in the trauma room dies. A family member asks how their loved one is doing. You should Tell them the physician will be with them momentarily
Function of Neutroophils Phagocytes (engulf bacteria)
Group of tests requested as one unit is called Profile
Usually performed by RN or Respiratory Therapist ABG (Aterial Blood Draw)
Excessively milking finger during skin puncture can result in Hemolysis & contamination with tissue fluids
When inserting a needle the bevel should be facing Upwards
If a pt has a syncopal episode during a blood draw, you should Remove needle then remove tourniquet
Every time you come on shift the sharps container in the caddy is overflowing. You should Carefully remove the sharps and report this safety hazard to the supervisor
This governs the size / guage needle you use Size & Condition of the vein
Phlebo drew a CBC and immeidately returned to lab. The Phlebo was asked to redraw the the CBC on the pt. The reason for this could be Amount collected was not sufficient
Plasma is The fluid portion of unclotted blood
Tube for PT & PTT Light Blue
Vascular phase of hemostasis is characterized by Blood vessels constrict in response to injury
Quality Assurance is A set of procedures & policies set in a lab
Lipemic blood is described as Serum with milky appearance
Complication results from repeated draws from the same vein Phlebitis
This is NOT part of a CBC (Complete Blood Count) APTT (Activiated Partial Thromboplastin Time)
Quality Assurance is A set of procedures & policies set in a lab
Complication results from repeated draws from the same vein Phlebitis
This is NOT part of a CBC (Complete Blood Count) APTT (Activiated Partial Thromboplastin Time)
Referred as a Serum Separator (SST) Red/Gray Tube
All employees at risk of BBP exposure are required by OSHA to Vaccinate against HBV or sign waiver
Vacuum of tube decreases with Age
Post-prandal means After a meal
Proper technique in obtaining capillary blood Wipe off the first drop of blood
A tourniquet can stay in place No longer than one minute
Most critical mistake a Phleotomist can make Failing to properly identify patient
These have valves Veins
A multi-sample needle is used When more than one tubeis being collected
Cyanotic is Bluish color due to the lack of O2 in blood
Life span of an Erythrocyte 120 days
Point of care testing Typically performed at patient's bedside
Dept in lab that would analyze CBC & ESR Hematology
Latex sensitivity is an Allergic reaction
Department of Lab that wouod analyze a blood pregnancy test Chemistry
Formed cellular Elements of blood consititute 45% of blood
Patient Confidentiality is The pt's right to authorize use of his/her information
The most important means of stopping the spread of infection is Washing your hands
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