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Animal Vaccines


How long can puppies get nutrients from their mother's milk? 24 hours only
What is a vaccine? A suspension of attenuated modified live or killed infection agents of antigens
Rules when vaccinating (5): 1-Always use new syringe/needle 2-Never combine unless specified 3-Always give entire dose 4-Always record injection site and initial 5-Only vaccinate healthy animals
How long does the immunity from vaccines last? 1 year per USDA, some will provide longer coverage than the label claims.
What is done on the initial visit AKA Puppy Package? (at 6wks) Complete a physical, Weigh, screen for parasitesAdjust the animal's nutrition/medications
DA2LPPC --Know what medicine makes this completed structure D- Distember A^2- Adenoviris with type 2 P- Parvo P- Parainfluenza C- Coronavirus
How is kennel cough treated? with Bordetella
Know 4 examples of heartworm prevention: Heartgard, Revolution, Sentinel, ProHeart
FPL means: felines panleukopenia
FVR means: feline rhinotracheitis
FCV means: Feline calcivirus`
How can one become infected with Leptospirosis? Given by drinking water fram stagnant ponds
Fever, anorexia, dehydration, vomiting, increased thirst, jaundice, shock, and death are just a few sumptons of what condition? Leptospirosis
Start the heartworm prevention at what age? 6 weeks
Deworm at what age? 6 weeks
At what age can vaccines be started? 9 weeks
Name the 3 most important canine vaccines Parvovirus, Rabies, and Distemper
What condition might a dog with a crusty nose and hard pads have? Distemper
What condition closely mimics a severe respiratory disease and measles in humans? Distemper
What is the cure for distemper? No cure. Supportive therapy.
What virus can remain in the soil or linens long after the infected animal is removed? Parvovirus
What condition is involved with streaked/bloody feces that smell of death? Parvovirus
Name the three stages of Rabies: Prodromal Phase, Excitative, and Paralytic.
How long does the prodromal stage last? 2-3 days.
What are some signs an animal is in the prodromal phase of rabies? restless, snap at imaginary objects, vocalize, loss of appetite, and extreme changes in their body temperature.
What is another name for the excitative stage of rabies? Furious
How long does the excitative stage of rabies last? 1-7 days
What are some common signs of an animal in the excitative stage of rabies? Self mutulation, excessively running, eats rocks, photophobia, and very aggressive.
When in the paralytic stage what is one of the first things to paralyze? The pharynx and masseter, making it impossible to eat or drink.
In the paralytic stage of rabies and full paralysis, death follows after how long? 2-4 days
What is another name for the adenovirus 1? Hepatitis
What life stage is most at risk for the adenovirus 1? Puppies
What is another name for the adenovirus 2? Infectious respiratory
What is another name for infectious tracheobronchitis? Kennel cough
What vaccines treats kennel cough? Bordetella
Is Leptospirosis considered zoonotic? Yes
How many strands of Lepto are important in companion animals? 8
What condition causes inflammation of the intestinal mucosa? Coronavirus
Which condition presents with orange stool where blood is rarely seen? Coronavirus
What condition infects the small intestines and puts animals younger than 6 months old at the most risk? Giardia
What condition is transmitted via ticks? Lyme disease
What condition causes mass swelling and stiffness of the joints? Lyme disease
Give examples of heartworm prevention medication: Heartgard, Sentinel, Proheart, and Revolution
At what age should cats start any preventatives and have their first visit? 8 weeks old
Name the 4 most important feline vaccines FPL, FVR, FCV, and rabies
What is the feline equivalent to canine distemper? Feline panleukopenia
What condition in felines presents with a high fever, sneezing, coughing, and discharge from the nose and eyes? Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
What condition causes ulcers on the tongues of felines and accounts for approx. 40% of all respiratory disease in felines? Feline calicivirus
What condition puts outdoor felines at the highest risk? Feline Leukemia
In what year was the feline AIDS strand first presented? 2002
What percentage of felines does AIDS strike? 2%
What type of test will give an accurate reading on the FIV test rather than it's normal false-positive? IFA: Immunofluorescence Assay
What condition infects 1 in 5000 cats and can not be cured? FIP: Feline Infectious Peritonitis
How is an FIP vaccine given? Intranasally
What condition results from an over accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity? FIP: Feline Infectious Peritonitis
What is ascites? Accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
Name the 2 types of FIP. Wet and dry
What vaccine is given to felines that is safe while pregnant and does not cause pneumonia? Feline Bordetella
What can often develop at the site of an injection and is often fatal? Sarcomas
What 2 vaccines have been closely related to soft tissue sarcomas? FeLV and Rabies
What is the minimum amount of time one should allow between vaccine injections? 2 weeks
What condition can be cause by injecting an IN vaccine? Hepatic necrosis
How are transdermal vaccines given? by a puff of air, and without a needle
How many known infections can be prevented with a vaccine? 20
Overall core vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP and DA2PP
How often should FVRCP and DA2PP be given? Give every three years
With what condition are felines more likely to suffer from hind leg paralysis? Rabies
What is the ratio of bleach to water when it comes to sanitizing for Parvo? 30:1
How long does the parvovirus vaccine last? 7 years or more
What vaccine does not preotect against infection but helps to limit shedding? Giardia
What condition causes felines lacerations of the mouth and nose? Calici
On average how long does kennel cough last? 2 weeks
What is the normal TPR of a dog? T: 100.00-102.2 P: 60-160BPM R: 16-32
What is the normal TPR of a cat? T: 100.00-102.2 P: 140-220 BPM R: 20-42
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