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Medical Term- IPC

Medical Terminology-IPC

a/an without, none
dys- difficult,painful, abnormal
-ectomy to cut out/remove
-gram the image
-graphy/-graph recording an image
-itis inflammation
macro- large
mega-/-megaly enlarged
micro- small
-ology/-ologist study, specialize in
-ostomy to make a “mouth”
-otomy to cut into
-scopy/-scopic to look, observe
cardio heart
cephal head
colo large intestine
cysto bladder
dento teeth
dermo skin
encephalo brain
entero intestine
gastro stomach
gingivo gums
glosso tongue
hemo/emia blood
hepato liver
hyster/metro uterus
masto/mammo breast
myel spinal cord
nephro kidney
oophoro ovary
osteo bones
phlebo/veno veins
pneumo/pulmo lung
procto anus/rectum
rhino nose
salpingo uterine tubes
Color: cyan- blue
Color:erythro- red
Color:leuk- white
Color:melan- black
Color:xanth- yellow
Tumor aden(-oma) gland
Tumor carcin(-oma) malignant
Tumor lip(-oma) fat
Tumor lymph(-oma) lymph tissue
Tumor my(-oma) muscle
Location: circum- around
Location: endo-/intra- within,inside of
Location: epi- upon,on top
Location:peri- around
Location:retro- behind
Location:sub- below
Location:trans- through
Circulatory system: angi- vessel
Circulatory system: brady- slow
Circulatory system:-cyte cell
Circulatory system:-stasis to stop
Circulatory system:tachy- fast
Nervous system:-cele hernia, abnormal protrusion of structure out of normal anatomical position
Nervous system:mening- membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord
Nervous system:neur- nerve
Nervous system:-pathy disease, abnormality
Nervous system:-plasia development, formation, growth
Nervous system:-plegia paralysis
Digestive system: -centesis to puncture
Digestive system:chol- gallbladder,bile
Digestive system:emes- vomit
Digestive system:-iasis abnormal condition
Digestive system:lapar- abdominal wall
Digestive system:lith- stone
Digestive system:-rrhea flow, discharge
Digestive system:-tripsy to crush
bronch- lung airway
laryng- larynx,voice box
plasty- reconstruction
pne-,pnu-,-pnea breath, air, lung
-ptysis spitting, coughing
trache- trachea,windpipe
hydr- water
olig- scant,less than normal
pyel- renal collecting ducts
ur-,-uria urine
ur-,-uria urine
Muscoloskeletal: -algia,-algesia pain
Muscoloskeletal: arthr- joint
Muscoloskeletal:-asthenia weakness, loss of strength
Muscoloskeletal:-malacia softening
Muscoloskeletal: myel- bonemarrow
Muscoloskeletal: -porosis porous
Muscoloskeletal:-trophy development, stimulation, maintenance
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