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LAM-small ruminants


Enterotoxemia type C bloody scours/lamb dysentery vx 30days before lambing
Enterotoxemia type D over eating disease/pulpy kidney disease vx 30 days before lambing largest, fastest growing lambs over 1 month of age sudden change or increase in food
tetanus associated with elastrator band use vx often combined with CI perfingens C and D vx for ewes pre-lambing
Anthrax bleeding from all orifices sudden death carcass needs to be destroyed w/o postmortem
Brucellosis late term abortions/weak lambs/mastitis shed in milk/semen/fetal fluids zoonotic
foot rot fusobacterium necrophorum bacteroides nodosus lives in sheep hooves hoof trimming/zinc sulfate foot baths
foot and mouth disease contagious/lameness no vx quarentine and destroy herds
Contagious ecthyma pox virus signs-swollen, crusty sores on mouth, lips, tongue zoonotic
Caseous lymphadentitis corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis spread through shears lymph node enlarged, and filled with cheesy pus, spread to lungs, liver, spleen
Caprine arthritis and encephalitis aquired through infected colostrum, saliva, blood, feces, urogenital secretions signs-encephalitis, arthritis, pneumonia, mastitis, chronis wt loss
Vibriosis campylobacter fetus intestinalis abortion storms, isolate organisms from placenta or fetus
Enzootic abortion of ewes chlamydia abortion storms in last month of pregnancy
Ovine progressive pneumonia mastitis 'hardbag' chronic pneumonia 'thin ewe syndrome'
scrapie likely a 'prion' produces a spongiform encephalopathy, extremely long incubation CNS signs/intense itching/ataxia/tremor/'moth-eaten' zoonotic
Created by: emily_kundert