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LAM-small ruminants


puberty 6-16 months
breeding season fall
type of estrous seasonally polyestrous
length of estrous 17-21 days
length of heat 1-3 days
flushing the process of feeding extra food to thin ewes prior to breeding season
tagging clipping the wool from the vulva before the breeding season
gestation length 150 days
crutching clipping the wool around vula before lambing
lambing jug 4x4 wooden pen that allows bonding
slime grafting use fresh placenta from foster ewe to cover orphan
skin grafting used if foster ewe has just lost her lamb, cover orphan lamb with skin of ewes dead lamb
wet graftin place orphan lamb and ewes lamb into vat of salt water-both now smell the same
fostering pen place foster ewe in head grate in a pen, place ewes lamb and orphan lamb in pen with foster ewe
weaned at 4-5 months
Created by: emily_kundert