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Anthrax blood from all body orifices Zoonotic
Johnes disease Paratuberculosis infected after birth chronic diarrhea/wasting away/normal appetite
Tuberculosis myocobacterium bovis chronic "poor doer" coughing zoonotic
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis moravella bovis inflammed conjuctiva corneal edema/blindness spread by flies
Foot and mouth disease contagious watery blisters on corneal band and mouth
Bovine viral leukosis 4 types:adult-numerous organs/thymic-thymus/juvenile-animal less than 6 months old/cutaneous-lumpy skin
Rabies furious form and dumb form zoonotic
hardware disease sharp object in reticulum off feed/painful abdomen/hunches back cow swallows magnent
Lumpy Jaw actinomyces bovis hard lumps in bones of jaw and head
Wooden tongue actinobacillus lignieresei abscesses in tongue/off feed
Leptospirosis liver damage/abortion storms/fever/red urine/jaundice/spread through urine rodent control zoonotic
Laminitis most often due to over eating grain lameness/bounding digital pulse/fever
Bovine viral diarrhea diarrhea/esophageal ulcers/abortion/irregular heat cycles
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis red nose upper respiratory symptoms/abortions/red nasal mucosa/genital infections calves can see encephalitis/blindness/death
Brucellosis bangs disease late term abortions/retained placetas/orchitis zoonotic
black leg clostridium chauvei eaten from soil causes damage to skeletal muscle
Malignant edema clostrium septicum causes damage to skeletal muscle edema no gas
black disease clostridium novyi liver damage
enterotemia clostridium perfingens sudden death/bloody diarrhea/found in nursing
tetanus 'lock-jaw' clostridium tetani "saw-horses" sstance/stiffness/seizures/prolapsed 3rd eye
Mastitis common cause: staph aureus, strep agalactia, coliform swollen udder, pink to black skin, watery clotted or bloody milk
Ketosis inadequate calorie intake acetone smell to breath/off feed/wt loss/agitated
Bloat free gas trapped in rumen often esphogeal obstruction/distended rumen/resp./distress/shock/death frothy: gas trapped inside foam
rumen overload sudden intake of large amounts of grain acidosis, shock, laminitis, death
white muscle disease lameness, sudden death, vit E selenium used to form muscle enzyme
shipping fever IBR/PI3/pasteurella/haemophyllis/ coughing/nasal discharge/anorexia/fever
bovine spongiform encephalopathy mad cow disease CNS signs/'downer' cow/always fatal/'moth-eaten' appearance to brain under microscope
milk fever hypocalcemia 'downer cow'/very weak muscles/can cause dystocia
Created by: emily_kundert