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Angus (beef) usually black (or red) smooth hair coat stocky build naturally born w/o horns (polled)
Beefmaster cross between brahman/shorthorn/hereford usually red
Brahman loose skin, droopy ears, large hump heat resistant/grunts
Brangus cross between a brahman and angus black or red smooth coat hump semi-loose skin
Charolais white hair/white hooves pink skin LARGE
chianina white hair black skin, hooves and muzzle tall with long legs largest in the world
gelbvieh golden rust color german for "yellow cow"
Hereford Red body white face, brisket, belly, tail switch thick weavy hair
Limousin black or red long body
Shorthorn red or roan
Salers dark, cherry red with white tail switch thick, curly coat
santa gertrudia cross between shorthorn and brahman cherry red loose skin hump
Simmental red and white spotted often white face and red around eyes
Texas longhorn many colors large spreading horns hardy, fertile, aggressive
Highland hardy, good browser long lashes and forelocks
Holstein black (or red) and white largest of dairy breeds produces most milk of dairy breeds
Jersey fawn color black muzzle smallest of dairy breeds produces milk with highest milkfat
Guernsey yellow and white spotted high butterfat milk
Brown swiss solid tan or grayish brown white 'sheen'
Ayreshire mahogany and white spotted spots have jagged edges
Milking shorthorn red or roan
Created by: emily_kundert