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Chapter 11 13 14


pituitary gland located at the base of the brain below hypothalamus
hypophysis pituitary gland
pituit/o combing form for pituitary gland
hypothalamus located below the thalamus inthe brain and secretes releasing and inhibiting factors that affect the release of substances from the pituitary gland
adenohypophysis anterior lobe of pituitary gland; produces homrmones
aden/o combining from for adenohypophysis
neurohypophsis posterior lobe of pituitary gland; responds to a neurologic stimulus and does not produce hormones
direct-acting hormones hormones released from the posterios gland; produce the desired effect directly in the target organ
indirect-acting hormones hormones released from the anterior pituitary gland that cause their target organ to produce a second hormone
thyroid-stimulating hormone augments growth and secretions of the thyroid gland; abrv. TSH
adrenocorticotropic hormone augments the growth and secretions of the adrenal cortex; abrv. ACTH
follicle-stimulating hormone augments the secretion of estrogen and growth of eggs in the ovaries(female) and the production of sperm in testes. abrv. FSH
gonad/o means gamete-producing gland (ovary or testes)
-tropic means haveing an affinity for
luteinizing hormone augments ovulation and aids in the maintenance of pregnancy; abrv. LH
lute/o combining form for yellow
interstitial cell-stimulating hormone stimulates testosterone secretion in males; abrv. ICSH
prolaction augments milk secretion and influences maternal behavior; aka lactogenic hormone or luteotropin
lact/o milk
growth hormone accelerates body growth; arbv. GH
melanocyte-stimulating hormone augments skin pigmentation; abrv. MSH
antidiuretic hormone maintains water balance in the body by augmenting water reabsorption in the kidneys
anti- against
diuretic pertaining to increased urine secretion
oxytocin stimulates uterine contractions during parturition and milk letdown from the mammary ducts
thyroid gland butterfly-shaped gland, w/ the right and left lobes fused ventrally by an isthmus
thyr/o & thyroid/o combining forms for thyroid
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