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Equine Encephalomylitis-causes virus natural host are birds vector is mosquito 3 types-eastern, western, venezuelan
Equine Encephalomylitis-signs, pevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs: Affects CNS incorrdination/drowsiness/paralysis/seizures/death prevention: yearly vx, mosquito control Zoonotic: yes reportable: NO
Equine Rhinopneumonitis-cause virus
Equine Rhinopneumonitis-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment sign: flu-like symptoms, late term abortions, weak foals Prevention: vx at 5,7,9 months of gestation
Equine Influenza-cause virus-transmitted through aerosal, fomites
Equine Influenza-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs: fever/cough/nasal discharge/anorexia prevention: yearly vx, isolate new horse and take temp BID for a week
Strangles (distemper)-cause streptococcus equi, affects mostly young horses
Strangles (distemper)-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs: fever/ abscess of submandibular lymph nodes/ choking and dyspnea possible prevention:vx-injectable, IN/sanitation/quarantine new horses treatment: antibiotics
EIA-causes causes:virus spread by horse fly/mosquitoes/needles
EIA-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs:fever, anemia, incoordination prevention: coggins test
West Nile Virus: cause west nile virus natural host=birds vector=mosquito horse and human are an incidental infection
West Nile Virus: signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment Signs: vary from none to severe mild=depressed and off feed more severe=stumbling/incoordination/paralysis/tremors/seizures/death treatment: symptomatic care-anti inflammatories, fluids, antibiotics prevention:vx, mosquito control
Potomac Horse fever-cause Erlichia risticii (rickettsia) vector=river fly seasonal infection-summer/early fall
Potomac horse fever-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs: ileus, profuse, projectile diarrhea, laminitis, fever, mortality=5-30% prevention: vx
Equine Viral Artitis-cause virus (damages small arteries) spread through respiratory secreations/mating
Equine Viral Artitis-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs:abortion, edema, pinkeye, resp. symptoms diagnosis: virus isolation, serology prevention: vx
Equine Protozoal Myelitis-cause Sarcocysitis neurona (one celled protozoa) natural host=opossums spread through feces
Equine Protozoal Myelitis-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment Signs: affects CNS(variable signs/intermittent lameness/choking/inability to swallow/muscle atrophy/circling/seizures diagnostics:antibody test-does not prove prevention: ponazuril, keep opossums away, good sanitation/vx
Tetanus-cause Clostridium tetani
Tetanus-signs, prevention, zoonotic, reportable, treatment signs:exaggerated reactions to noise and light, stiff muscles, ears cocked out, tail raised, muscle spasms, prolapse of nictitating membrane prevention: vx, "toxoid"=yearly-combined with other vx, "antitoxin"=pre-formed/used after wounds/after foaling
Created by: emily_kundert



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