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GI tract

Colic pain in abdomen
colic-stomach grain or grass overload -rapid and/or excessive consumption -causes distention and pain gastric ulcers -more common in foals and young horses
colic-intestines-obstruction roundworms feed or stand impaction foreign body enterolith stricture/abcess/tumor
Colic-intestines-stangulation "strongylus vulgaris" larval migration volvus or torsion entrapment in hernia
signs of colic-mild pawing, swishing tail, looking at sides
signs of colic-moderate intermittent rolling, sweatting, striking at abdomen
signs of colic-severe uncontrollable rolling, thrashing, sweating
clinical assessment of colic degree of pain, temp, pulse, mm color, crt, bowel sounds
diagnoses of colic rectal exam, naso-gastric tube for gastric reflux, response to treatment with analgesics, abdominocentesis, ultrasound, endoscopic exam of stomach, xray
simple or gas colic pulse-normal CRT/MM- normal gut sounds-increased treatment-walking can help
obstructive colic pulse-60-80 MM/CRT-prolonged/deep red gut sounds-diminished/absent treatment-needs vet attention, laxitives by naso-gastric, surgery
displacement Colic EMERGENCY-extreme pain-violent rolling pulse-over 80 CRT/MM-prolonged, muddy brown gut sounds-absent
Thromboembolic colic can be emergency cause by strongylus volgaris larva may be recurrent prevent by regular worming
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