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lameness from limb

Poll Evil/ Fistulas withers inflammation of bursedue to infection of inflammation may rupture from draining tract poll evil=supra-atlantal bursa fistula withers=suprasinous bursa
Wobbles Congenital defect spinal cord compression of C5-C6 affects hind limbs the most
Sweeny Atrophy of the suprasinatus.infrospintus muscles atrophy due to trauma of suprscapular nerve that crosses spine of scapula
Capped Elbow soft swelling at elbow due to trauma
Bucked shins swelling and pain at dorsal surface of cannon bone caused by mirofractures/hemorrhage beneath periosteum due to excessive stress on bone (race horses)
Greasy Heel soft swelling on palmer or plantar surface of pastern due to infected skin scratches
Carpitis (pooped knee) herniated synovial membrane bursitis inflammed tendon sheath
Splints caused by stress or trauma to inerosseous ligament between splint and cannon bone seen in younger horses during atheltic training
Osselets hard swelling at dorsal surface of fetlock joint indication of fetlock joint arthritis
Ringbone hard swelling at proximal or distal end of short pastern indicates arthritis in joint above or below short pastern
Laminitis-causes -grain overload,endometeritis, cold water in hot horse, lush spring grass, road construction, colic
Laminitis-pathology acute or chronic, blood being shinted away from sensitive laminae, causes swelling, hemorrhage and death of laminae, death will result in hoof wall separating from coffin bone, coffin bone rotates
Signs of laminitis shifting of weight to rear legs, reluctance to move, pounding digital pulse, affected feet are warmer, hoof grows outward in a curve
Laminitis-treatment NSAIDS special horses
Navicular syndrome-def. destruction of the navicular bone due to decrease blood flow, due to trauma caused by hard durface work or large body with small feet
Navicular syndrom-signs shuffle gait/stumbling gait toes wear quicker than heels pain in heels
Navicular syndrome-diagnostics hoof tester block palmar nerve to see if it improves
Navicular syndrome NSAIDS Isoxsuprine- vasodilator "nerving" cut palmar nerve
Bowed tendons soft warm swelling at palmar area of pastern staining and damage to superficial, deep flexor tendons oftern occurs in performance horses after strenuous workout
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