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windsucker anus more crainial than the vagina managed with "caslick's" procedure
pre-breeding exam 1. visual exam of vagina 2. rectal exam of ovaries, uterus, cervix 3. uterine exam if old mare or history of abortions
Pre-breeding vx a. equine infuenza b. sleeping sickness c. tetanus
rhinopneumonitis killed vx at 5, 7, and 9 months
Puberty 18 months
type of estrus cycle seasonally polyestrous
Transisitonal heat the first heat cycle of the breeding season
Breeding season Feb-Oct
length of estrus 21 days
standing heat 5-7
signs of heat 1.winks vuvlar lips 2. wide rear stance 3.frequent urination 4. raised, laterally deflected tail 5. accepts stallion
gestation 320-360 days
pregnancy confirmation 1. rectal palpation- day 30 2. ultrasound- days 14 3. serum progesterom assay -day 14+
Parturation most mares foal between midnight and 6am
signs of parturation 1. udder enlarges 2-4 weeks prior 2. muscles over croup soften 2 weeks 3. teats 'wax up' 2-4 days prior 4. dripping colostrum 12-24 days prior
supplies to have ready tail wrap, bucket with cotton, mild soap, iodine and applicator, fleet enema, towels, tetanus antitoxin, backup source of colostrums
sage 1 1-4 hours of 'colic-like' signs still eats and passes feces
stage 2 'water breaks' 5-40 minutes of forceful contractions to deliver foal foal rests behind mare(10-15 min) still attached to umbilical cord to placenta and 1000-1500cc of blood delivered to foal
stage 3 placenta delivered within 3 hours after 3 hours is considered a 'retained placenta'
New born care dip umbilicus in iodine nurse within 3 hours stand within 1 hour recieve colostrum within 18 hours tetanus antitoxin to foal
failure of passive transfer faol did not get enough antibody for adequate protection from colostrum measure TPP can test serum IgG levels
Isoerythrolysis incompatobility between mare's antibodies and foals RBC's detect problem by cross-matching mare's serum with foal's blood blood manage by withholding mare's colostrum, then allow to nurse regular milk
Combined Immunodeficiency congenital inability to produce T and B lymphocytes -seen in Arab foals fatal
"foal heat" mare goes into heat about 9 days after delivery hormones affect milk causing diarrhea in foal
Dystocia malpresentations foal too big for mare's pelvis require vet assistance
weaned at 4-6 months
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