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VET 102 - History

PennFoster College VET 102

Alopecia Loss of hair on the body.
Auscultation Listening for sounds produced within the body.
Bilateral Occurring on or having two sides.
Body Systems History Detailed questions about the body system (or systems) involved in the presenting problems.
Body Systems Review A review of the body systems to note any additional problems the animal may have.
Capillary Refill Time The time it takes for the vessels in the mucous membranes to return to normal after being pressed.
Cardiovascular System The body system that circulates blood.
Cat Bag A restraining device consisting of a zippered bag with several openings for treating different parts of a cat's body.
Caudal A directional term that means "towards the tail".
Cephalic Venipuncture The taking of a blood sample from the foreleg of an animal.
Choana A slitlike opening on the roof of the mouth in a bird.
Client Education A general term that covers many of the clients' interactions with the practice.
Condomes Skin lesions that resemble "blackheads".
Cradle A device that consists of wooden slats or round rods woven together that go around a horse's neck to keep the neck straight and prevent the horse from chewing at itself.
Cranial A directional term that means "toward the head".
Dorsal A directional term that means "toward the back".
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