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Vet 116-Muscular Sys

Three major muscle groups Skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle
Skeletal muscle functions to make the animal __________. Mobile
Cardiac muscle is only found in the _____________. Heart
Smooth muscle is found in association with the ___________. Organ systems
Myo-refers to _______________. Muscle in general
Sarco-refers to _____________. Muscle cells
Striated comes from the___________________. Muscle cell's appearance
A muscle's thick, center portion Muscle belly
Thick connective tissue attached to both ends to bones Tendons
Some muscles are attached by broad sheets of fibrous connective tissue called ______________. Aponeuroses
Most prominent aponeuroses Linea alba
Attachment site that does not move much during contraction Origin
Attachment site that moves a lot Insertion
Muscles usually work in ________. Groups
The muscle or muscle group that does the bulk of the work Prime mover
Works opposite of the prime mover Antagonist
Help prime mover Synergists
Stabilize joint to allow other movement Fixators
Skeletal muscle cells are extremely _______ and __________. Long, thin
Skeletal muscle cells are called _______ rather than cells. Fibers
Skeletal muscle cell membrane Sarcolemma
Interior volume of the skeletal muscle cell is made up of almost entirely by tiny _____________. Myofibrils
High number of ____________ present in sarcolemma. Mitochondria
Instead of endoplasmic reticulum, the skeletal muscle cell has a specialized structure known as a _____________________. Sarcoplasmic reticulum
Complex system of tubules that extend from the cell membrane Transverse or T tubules
Two types of protein filaments Actin, myosin
_______ is made up entirely of the myosin filaments and appears dark. A band
______ is formed by the thin actin filaments and is light. I band
The dark lines running through the centers of the I bands and serve as attachment sites of the actin filaments Z lines
The area from one Z line to the next Sarcomere
When muscle looses its nerve supply, the muscle will begin to waste away and shrink in size called Atrophy
The area where nerves join to muscle are called Neuromuscular junctions
The space between the end of the nerve fiber and the sarcolemma of the muscle cell is called Synaptic space
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