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Ascaris suum habitat: small intestine signs: 'milk spots' on liver post mortem, 'thumps' due to tracheal migration ZOONOTIC
Metastrongylus (swine lungworm) Habitat: lungs-uses earthworm as intermediate host Signs: Coughing/predisposed to pneumonia
Oesophagostomum (nodular worm) Habitat: large intestine Signs: diarrhea/poor wt gain, nodules in wall of large intestine
Hyostrongylus rubidus (red stomach worm) Habitat: Stomach Signs: hemorrhagic gastritis, anemia
Trichinella habitat: cysts in skeletal muscle, pig aquires from eating raw infected meat signs:lameness, muschle pain prevention: rodent control, do not feed raw meat to pigs ZOONOTIC: 'trichinosis' in people (aquired by ingestion of undercooked pork)
Stephanurus dentatus (swine kidney worm) Habitat: Kidneys/ureter/perirenal fat transmitted through ingestion/skin penetration, can use earthworm, etc as a transport host, eggs passed in urine Signs: Kidney + liver damage/wt loss/emaciation, ascited>death
Trichuris suis (swine whipworm) habitat: large intestine signs: diarrhea/staining, can predispose pig to rectal prolapse
Coccidia habitat:small intestines signs: 'milk scours', 10-14 dayy old pigs, direct fecal transmission Prevention: disinfection of farrowing crates and floor
Created by: emily_kundert