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AZEW - Avian Disease

AZEW Avian Disease Review

Chlamydiosis Bacterial Dyspnea, green urates, anorexia, lethargy Testing inconclusive Treat with doxycycline Zoonotic
Clostridiosis Bacterial Gram Positive
Viral Psittacine Hepatitis Viral
Pacheco's Disease Viral Herpesvirus Sudden death, enlarged dark liver Tx None
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Viral cirocirus Feather dystrophy, beak necrosis Dx serology and feather follicle biopsy Tx None
Polyoma Viral Anorexia, lethargy, SQ hemorrhage Tx None Dx DNA probe of feces or necropsy tissues
Proventricular Dilatation Disease Viral Weight loss despite good appetite, whole food passed in feces Dx crop biopsy, enlarged proventriculus on Xray Tx None
Cloacal Papillomas Viral Herpes Virus Wart-like lesions on cloaca, in mouth or GI DX Hx and PE Tx removal is not curative
Aspergillosis Fungal Sudden death, dyspnea, wasting and voice change Dx bloodwork, CBC, Xray, endoscopy
Candidiasis Fungal Usually occurs in neonates treated with antibiotics Delayed crop emptying or sour crop, diarrhea, regurgitation Dx crop/fecal gram stain Tx Nystatin or Ketaconazole
Hypovitaminosis A Nutritional - Vit A
Hypocalcemia Nutritional - Calcium
Goiter Nutritional - Iodine
Stemostoma tracheacolum External Parasite - Mite Tracheal/air sac mite
Knemidokiptes spp External Parasite - Mite scaley face/leg mite
Giardia Parasitic - Protozoan Diarrhea Dx fecal direct smear or ELISA test
Trichomonas gallinae Parasitic - Protozoan White plaque or necrotic masses in mouth and esophagus Dx cytology of an oral swab
Atoxoplasma spp Parasitic - Coccidian
Sarcocystis falcatula Parasitic - Coccidian
Hemoproteus spp Blood Parasite
Plasmodium spp Blood Parasite
Leukocytozoon spp Blood Parasite
Capillaria spp Internal Parasite - Nematode
Syngamus trachea Internal Parasite - Nematode
Theobromine Toxicity Poisoning - Chocolate
Avian Pox Viral
Colibacillosis Bacteria
Bumblefoot Inflammatory or degenerative condition
Avian Cholera Bacterial
Botulism "Limberneck" Bacterial
Newcastle Disease Viral
Paramyxovirus Viral
Mycobacteriosis Bacterial
Gout Metabolic
Diabetes Mellitis Metabolic
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