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pig disease

Porcine Parvovirus cause: virus signs: SMEDI: stillbirths, mummified feti,embryonic death, infertility prevention: vx, closed heard
Pseudorabies (Aujezky's disease/'mad itch') Cause: virus Signs: Newborn: sitting/head pressing/depression Weaned: resp. signs/wasting Adults: abortion/still births/mummies Prevention: test and quarantine
Colibacillosis cause: E.coli signs: piglets 2-14 days old/severe yellow diarrhea/dehydration/toxemua Prevention: vx sows/oral for piglets
Rota Virus Cause: virus Signs: piglets 3-7 days old/severe watery diarrhea prevention: vx sows
Enterotoxemia cause: clostridium perfingens type C Signs: bloody diarrhea prevention: vx sows
Transmissible gastroenteritis Cause: coronavirus signs: severe diarrhea in piglets less than 10 days old/high mortality/survivors have irreparable damahe to GI tract prevention: vx sows
Coccidia cause: one celled protozoa/most common cause of scours signs: piglets 10-14 days old/ soft, possible bloody, feces (not watery) prevention: disinfection of farrowing crates and floor
Swine Dysentery Cause: brachyspira hyodysenteriae-carried and spread by dogs,cats and rodents Signs: pigs 3-4 months old/bloody mucous diarrhea prevention: vx juvenile pigs/rodent control/strict sanitation
Atrophic Rhinitis Cause: bordetella bronchiseptica + pasteurella multioida signs: destruction of nasal turbinates-twisted snouts/blood from nose/predisposition to pneumonia prevention: vx of sows and gilts
Erysipelas Signs: acute: high fever, poor appetite chronic: arthritis, diamond shaped skin rash prevetnion: vx
Salt toxicity cause: no water for 48 hours signs: CNS signs: cicling, ithcing, blindness, paddling prevention: access to water at all times
PRRS signs: invades microphages of the lungs/suppresses immune defenses/SMEDI/pneumonia/cyanotic blue ears prevention: isloate and test breeding stock/vx available/disinfect and 'rest' nursery areas
Mycoplasmal Pneumonia signs: chronic, dry, non productive cough/all ages affected/affect growth rate/presence of lungworm, roundworms etc./increases severity prevention: good nutrition/warm dry dust free environment/control secondary resp infections with antibiotics in feed
porcine stress syndrome *pigs get overexcited and overheat resulting in pale soft exudative meat* cause: genetic predipostion combined with rough handling, warm weather and poor chilling slaughter prevetnion: genetic selection/keep cool/avoid rough, stressful handling
Created by: emily_kundert



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