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Nursery Plants 6

Nursery Landscape Plants 101- 120

Philodendron scandens var. oxycardium Parlor lvy
Picea abies Norway Spruce
Pieris japonica Japanese Andromeda
Pinus mugo var. mugo Mugo Pine
Pinus strobus Eastern White Pine
Platanus x acerifolia London Plane Tree
Plectranthus australis Swedish Ivy
Prunus laurocerasus 'Zabeliana' Zabel Cherry Laurel
Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan' Japanese Flowering Cherry
Pyracantha coccinea Scarlet Firethorn
Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford' Bradford Pear
Quercus falcata Southern Red Oak
Quercus nigra Water Oak
Quercus palustris Pin Oak
Quercus phellos Willow Oak
Raphiolepis indica Indian Hawthorn
Rhododendron catawbiense Catawba Hybrid Rhododendron
Rhododendron kiusianum or Rhododendron obtusum japonicum Azalea
Saintpaulia ionantha African Violet
Salvia splendens Salvia
Created by: wmhill