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Form and Function

Abdomen (belly) The area between the chest and the hindquarters.
Anagen The first phase in the life cycle of hair.
Arm The area between the shoulder and elbow.
Back The topline of the dog. The section between the withers and the loin area.
Buttock The rump or hips.
Carpus (wrist) The joint between the forearm and pastern on the front leg.
Catagen The second phase of the life cycle of hair. In this phase the hair is getting ready to shed.
Chest The part of the body that is enclosed by the ribs.
Commissure of Lips The corners of the lips.
Crest The upper, arched section of the neck.
Croup (rump) The rump.
Crown The top part of the head. Also referred to as topskull.
Deratomes An area of skin innervated by sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
Dermal Papilla Responsible for the production of hair; rich in vessels.
Dermatome A skin fold from which the hair grows in small groups, varying in length and thickness.
Dewclaw An extra toenail on the inside of the front and back legs.
Digits toes) The toes.
Dorsal Toward the spine or back of the dog; toward the top of the dog.
Eccrine Glands The dog's sweat glands, located in the pads of the feet.
Elbow The joint in the front leg where the upper arm meets the forearm.
Flank The area between the last rib and the hip. The coupling.
Flew The pendulous lateral part of the upper lip.
Forearm The section of the forelimb between the upper arm and the wrist including the radius and the ulna.
Foreface The top part of the head from the stop to the nose.
Guard Hair The longer, stiffer hairs that grow through and cover the undercoat.
Hair Bulb Matrix Located at the end of each follicle; is in contact with a nourishing, vessel-rich dermal papilla.
Leg One step on the way to winning a title or championship for a dog; the accomplishment of earning points in various types of events in the Sport of Dogs..
Loin The area between the the back and the croup.
Medulla Hair Thick hair with marrow inside
Metacarpus (pastern) The section of the front leg between the carpus (wrist) and the foot and the section between the hock and the foot on the rear legs.
Muzzle The part of the head from the stop to the nose.
Neck The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk.
Occiput The back part of the head or skull.
Point of hip The hip joint.
Point of shoulder The formation of the scapula and humerus.
Sebaceous Glands Small subcutaneous glands, usually connected with hair follicles. They secrete an oily semifluid matter, composed in great part of fat, which softens and lubricates the skin.
Secondary Follicle Hair follicle that produces the undercoat.
Set of tail The area where the tail and rump meet.
Shoulder The joint connecting the arm with the torso.
Stifle (knee) The dog's knee. The joint of the hind leg between the thigh and the second thigh.
Stop The indentation between the eyes where the cranium and nasal bones meet.
Tactile Hair The sparse and bristly hair that form the whiskers.
Tail The rudder or stern.
Tarsus (hock) The area between the second thigh and the pastern.
Telogen The third phase of the life cycle hair. The hair in this phase is called club hair and is separated from the hair bulb matrix but remains in the follicle.
Thigh The hindquarters area from the hip to the stifle.
Thorax The area that is enclosed by the ribs.
Top Coat The dog's hair covering. Most breeds possess two coats, an outer coat and an undercoat.
Triads Junction in which three dermatomes come together.
Undercoat The short, soft, dense hair that supports the outer coat.
Vellus Hair Thin hair with no medulla; forms a short, thick, cottony layer called the undercoat.
Ventral Meaning toward the belly of the dog, or, basically, toward the underline of the dog.
Withers The highest part of the back between the shoulder blades.
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