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VT 2400 Exam 1

Sterilization,, Aseptic Tech, OR Hazards, Nursing, Instruments, Procedures

Define Decontamination Removal of visible soil and organisms
Define Sterilization Destroying all microbial life
Define Sterile Free of all living organisms
Define Contamination Event related
Define Disinfect Removes vegetative forms of bacteria Not spores
Define Antiseptic inhibits growth of microbes on tissue
Define Bacteriostat inhibits growth of bacteria
Define bactericide kills bacteria
Define detergent contains free ions leaves film on surfaces
Define Disinfectant Inhibits growth of microbes on inanimate objects
Define Fungicide kills fungi
define Sanitize reduce number of microbes to safe level
define sporicide kills spores
define virucide kills viruses
list the 3 areas of sx suite prep area scrub area sx room
Organic Matter's effects on disinfectants decreases efficiency or ineffective
Additional sanitizing compounds effects on disinfectants inactivate or react with eachother
Ovariohysterectomy removal of ovaries an uterus
Shaving prep for most sx xiphoid process to pubis
Abdominal Exploratory exploration of abdominal cavity
gastric foreign bodies any ingested foreign object that is lodged in stomach
linear foreign bodies string or thread cause placation or pleating/folding of intestines
gastronomy gastric foreign bodies
enterotomy intestinal foreign bodies
whihc sx shave prep few inches crainal to xiphoid intestinal foreign bodies/enterotomy gastric foreign bodies/gastrotomy
intestinal resection and anastomosis excision of segment of bowel an reattachment
gastric dilatation an volvulus swelling an rotation of stomach
dilation organ stretched beyond normal
volvulus rotation of organ
cystotomy incision into bladder
onychectomy feline declaw
sepsis precence of pathogenic organisms
asepsis free of pathogens surgically clean not steril
exogenous enviromental source of contamination
nosocmial hospital orgin
indirect contamination blood stream
direct contamination wound edges
oncogenic cancer
short terms effect of anesthetic exposure drowsy fatigue nausea headache
long term effects of anesthetic exposure reproductive complication oncogenic liver/kidney dz neurological
mechanical phase remove microbes/debris with friction
sx hand scrub remove microbes by mechanical washing an chemical asepsis
chemical phase antiseptic/antimicrobail skin cleaner inhibit growth of microbes
closed gloving no skin exposed insures no contaminate
open gloving replace dirty gloves no gown required
assisted gloving someone helps other glove
providone iodine antimicrobal
chlorhexidine bestt residual activity
ortho pattern scrub top to bottom all around leg
perianal pattern backwards target dirtest last
sx prep scrub steps scrub chlorhexidine rinse alcohol or sterile saline
most comon sm animal blade size #10
most common lg animal blade size #20
reverse cutting used for what kind of tissues delicate intestines
taper point used for what kind of tissues tough tendons/skin
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