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Anesthesia Drugs

Duration and effects of anesthesia drugs

Duration of Dexmedatomidine 1 hr
Expected effects of Dexmedatomidine sedative & analgesic, profound, long-lasting sedative, calming
Unwanted effects of Dexmedatomidine decreases CO, inhibits ADH, respiratory depression, commonly profound bradycardia d.t. intense vasoconstriction, 1st & 2nd degree AV block, vomiting in dogs & cat
Duration of ace 4-8 hrs, may last up to 48 hrs in older animals or animals with liver disease
Expected effects of ace antiemetic, calming, potential peripheral vasodilation
Unwanted side effects of ace SLOW onset of duration; don't use for hypovolemic shock patients
Duration of Butorphanol SHORT duration (3/4-1.5 hours)
Expected effects of Butorphanol minimal analgesia & sedation, less GI effects, minimal CV compromise
Unwanted side effects of Butorphanol respiratory depression, bradycardia, vomiting, use w/ caution on head injuries
Duration of buprenorphine slow onset, long duration (4-8 hrs) - if given at high doses
Expectant effects of buprenorphine moderate analgesia, LEAST sedative
Unwanted side effects of buprenorphine respiratory depression, bradycardia, vomiting, use w/ caution on head injuries
Duration of Hydromorphone 3-6 hours
Expectant effects of Hydromorphone Analgesia & sedation, 8x more potent than Morphine
Unwanted side effects of Hydromorphone respiratory depression, bradycardia, vomiting, use w/ caution on head injuries, panting (dogs) - all opioids
Duration of Morphine 3-6 hours
Expectant effects of Morphine excellent analgesia
Unwanted side effects of Morphine respiratory depression, bradycardia, vomiting, use w/ caution on head injuries
Duration of Fentanyl 30 minutes if injectable
Expectant effects of Fentanyl sedative & analgesia
Unwanted side effects of Fentanyl respiratory depression, bradycardia, vomiting, use w/ caution on head injuries
Duration of Lidocaine 1-2 hours, very quick onset (w/in minutes)
Expectant effects of Lidocaine mild sedative effects when administered IV, local block
Unwanted side effects of Lidocaine potential CNS toxicity - watch seizures! - don't use in low seizure dogs
Duration of Propofol onset w/in minutes, short duration
Expectant effects of Propofol good muscle relaxation, rapid recovery, produces little change in the heart
Unwanted side effects of Propofol respiratory depression
Unwanted side effects of Anti-cholinergics tachyarrhymias - ventricular or supraventricular
Ketamine/Midazolam inc. HR, maintains arterial BP, minimal effects on respiration, though apnea can occur
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