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UT- Review

Review of the Urinary Tract

How do male and female urethra differ? Male: long and curved Female: short and straight
Most of the Urinary Tract is lined with what type of epithelium? Transitional
What part of the urinary tract continuously moves urine into the bladder? ureters
Describe the flow of blood through the kidneys: Renal artery > smaller renal arteries> Afferent glomerular arterioles> efferent glomerular arterioles> peritubular capillaries> renal venules> renal vein
What hormone, necessary for RBC production, is produced by the kidneys? Erythropoetin
What is the area where vessels, nerves, and ureters enter and exit the kidneys? Hilus
Basic functional unit of the kidney? Nephron
Where within the kidney does blood filtration occur? Renal Corpuscle
What is the term used to describe how fast the blood is filtered by the kidneys? Glomerular Filtration Rate
When substances in the tubular filtrate are transferred to the blood in the peritubular capillaries, the process is called: Reabsorption
What is located at the neck of the bladder that provides conscious control over the process of urination Sphincter Muscle
Where does the majority of secretion take place? Distal Convoluted Tubule
What part of the system functions in urine formation empties the tubular filtrate into the renal pelvis? Collecting Ducts
Where is the location of the kidneys? Retroperitoneal
How is the gross anatomy of the cows kidney’s unique? Lobulated
Most important route of waste product removal in the body: Urinary System
Which kidney is more cranial? Right
Outer portion of kidney is called: Cortex
Collects urine in kidney before it enters ureter Renal Pelvis
List 4 functions of the kidneys Blood Filtration (reabsorption and secretion) , Fluid Regulation, Acid Base Regulation, Hormone Production
Nerve supply to the kidney is mostly from: Sympathetic Portion of the autonomic nervous system
What portion of the blood pumped by the heart goes to the kidneys: 25%
Hormone that plays most important role in regulating urine volume: Antidiuretic Hormone
Hormone that increases the reabsorption of Na+ in DCT back into the bloodstream: Aldosterone
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