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AGRN 1000 lab final

The genotypic ratio produced by self-pollination of an individual with genotypic Bb would 1/4 BB, 1/2 Bb an 1/4 bb
Flower parts that occur in wheat flower but not in soybean flower are the lemma and palea
Basic unit of heredity is the Gene
which of the following is NOT one of the 2 chemicals that were sprayed on the plants in your lab to test growth and regulation? Auxins
The observed expression of a trait (how an organism looks) is called the phenotype
Wheat has an inflorescence structure called a Spike
The primary purpose of the Alabama Crop Improvement Association is to Condition Seed
Auricles are absent in Oat
Crops that are planted and harvested for their dry, edible seeds or fruits are called Grain crops
A banded application of a pesticide or fertilizer is applied between rows or over rows
When a load of seed are first received at the Alabama Crop Improvement Association, the first step is to Collect a representative sample; sieve, weigh, and determine the moisture content
The average nozzle output on a sprayer with 10 nozzles spaced 20 inches apart is measured as 1pt/15seconds. the output of the entire spray rig every minute is therefore 5 gallons
Reproduction involving vegetative plant parts is known as Asexual reproduction
The basis for determining the value of grain involves cleanliness, purity, and moisture
the first structure to emerge from a germinating seed in both dicots and monocots is the Radicle
Buying Certified Seed Assures the purchaser of Genetically pure, weed-free seed with adequate germination
A pesticide formulated as an Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) is a liquid that is suspended as tiny droplets in another carrier liquid, such as water
During calibration, a sprayer travels 180 feet in 16 seconds. What is the speed in feet/minute 675 ft/min
A spray boom is 30ft wide, with 18 nozzles. Therefore the distance between nozzles would be 20 inches
the best source of information on the handling, uses, application, and disposal of any pesticide is the label
in a ________ leaf, the blade is divided into 2 or more leaflets compound
Factors the influence pesticide application rate are concentration of pesticide in the tank, sprayer output and _____ speed of travel
As seen in comparison of plots one and two in the Old Rotation experiment, the most effective treatment for improving cotton yield is: Rotation with a legume
The "Old Rotation" is the oldest continuous cotton experiment n the US
The specific winter legume currently being used in the Old Rotation is Crimson Clover
the leaf ________ is the edge of the leaf blade. it can vary from smooth to serrated, to deeply lobed. margin
Small grains in the vegetative stages can be distinguished from one another based on leaf collar and characteristics
One of the major advantages of sexual hybridization (crossing) and reproduction as compared to asexual reproduction is: it allows for genetic recombination to occur
A crop that was once grown on large acreages in Alabama as a source of nitrogen, soil builder, and nematode management tool, and has a compound in its seeds that has been used to treat Parkinson's disease is Velvetbean
Pesticides that are formulated as a DRY material are applied in the dry form as a dust or granule
The most serious "signal word" indicating the highest level of human and animal toxicity is: danger
When a load of seed are first received at the Alabama Crop Improvement Association, the first step is to Collect a representative sample; sieve, weigh, and determine the moisture content
The best source of information on the handling, uses, application and disposal of any pesticide is the Label
Factors that influence pesticide application rate are concentration of pesticide in the tank, sprayer output, and speed of trave;
a herbicide is correctly being applied at a rate of 1 pound per acrea in the 6 inch band over the row in a 24 in row spacing. The correct broadcast rate would therefore be 4lbs/acre
Before Certified Seed can be produced, it must first come from the variety development organization or the plant breeder as Breeder seed
the type of inflorescence common to oat and corn tassels is panicle
a spray boom is 30 feet wide with 12 nozzles. therefore the distance between nozzles would be 30 inches
during calibration a sprayer travels 80 feet in 16 seconds. what is the speed in feet/minute 300ft/min
a pesticide formulated as a wettable powder is a dry powder that remains in suspensions in a carrier solution if kept agitated
Auricles are absent in oat
general categories of pesticides are rodenticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides
correct order for variety development breeder seed --> foundation seed --> registered seed --> certified seed
durum wheat is used in spaghetti and macaroni
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