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basic shop safty

the condition of being safe from risk or danger safety
leading cause of death and injury for persons one to 37 years of age accidents
devices or equipment worn by students, teachers, employees working in a potentially dangerous area. personal protective equipment (ppe)
a unit for expressing the ratio of two amounts of electric or acoustic signal power equal to 10 times the common logarithm of this ratio decibel
sharp edges on tools pinch points
large conducting body (as the earth)used as a common return for an electric circuit as an arbitrary zero of potential ground fault
clothing with natural fibers such as wool or cotton; should be flame resistant welding cloths
glasses or googgles worn to protect eyes from in jury safety glasses
lists cautions, hazards, protection equipment to wear and first aid procedures marerial safety data sheet (msds)
fountain used to flush the eyes when the eyes comn in contact with foreign/hazardous material eyewash fountain
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