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(DMS) Chapter 13

West Africa

Ghana A kingdom in West Africa that developed on the trade route between Taghaza and Wangara.
Matrilineal Ancestry or inheritance determined along the mother's family.
Monarchy A form of government with a king and queen.
Trans-Saharan Trade The salt to gold trade route that crossed the Sahara desert going from North Africa to Wangara and Ghana.
Taghaza A city and salt mine on the Trans-Saharan trade route.
Wangara A region south of Ghana known for gold mines whose location still remain a secret today.
Market Economy An economy based on supply and demand. In Ghana, this was exemplified by the salt-gold trade.
Natural Resources Resources that are not man-made, such as gold and salt.
Economy How people meet their wants and needs.
Trade Route The path taken by merchants that connect trade hubs.
Taxes Payment to the government, usually for goods or income earned.
Government The institution in a culture of maintaining order and making decisions.
Ghana Kingdom in West Africa that controlled the Trans-Saharan Trade Route.
Mali Kingdom after Ghana that controlled the Trans-Saharan trade route. Capital was Timbuktu.
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