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Shafer Greece

ancient Greece

Rivals of Greece who defeated Sparta but then was defeated by Athens Persia
An area of land surrounded by water on 3 sides Peninsula
How to pass a test Study all of your materials and not just studystack
Because of the lack of farmland Greeks became good at what? trade
A person who gains power through force Tyrant
Who was Homer? A blind poet
Marathon and Olympia are examples of what? City States
Two types of democracy are? Direct and indirect
What's another name for indirect democracy Check your powerpoint
Goddess of Athens Athena
What does immortal mean? Lives forever
What does it mean to have many gods? Look at your essentials
A serious story that usually has a sad ending Tragedy
Who were Socrates, Aristotle and Plato Philosophers
Famous warriors from the Trojan War Hector and Achilles
What was the Agora City center and market
Lower city Polis
Upper city Acropolis
The peak of Athens was called the Golden Age
In Athens a woman was supposed to be Invisible
To prevent a country from getting supplies is a (what Sparta did to Athens) blockade
The Macedonian leader who conquered much territory after the defeat of Athens Alexander the Great
To kick a person out of a community is to ostracize them
Philosophy means Lover of Wisdom
A long poem or story Epic
Fierce Warrior Shafericus
Athletic competition between city states Olympics
Someone who competes against another rivals
Greek geography Rocky and lots of water
Government ruled by a few who are wealthy Aristocracy
War between Athens and Sparta Peloponnesian War
Why was Greece separated into city-states? The geography kept them from uniting
Trick used by Greek to get into Troy during the war Trojan Horse
Stories that are told Myths
Created by: shafhunter