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Sheesley Module 1

Module 1 Essentials 2016-2017

Location One of the 5 themes of geography. Where something is. Ex. 115 N 113 W
Place One of the 5 themes of geography. Describes physical or human characteristics. What makes somewhere different. Ex. Whitehall MS
Human Environment Interaction One of the 5 themes of geography. The way people interact and change their surroundings. Ex. Hoover Dam or White Lake Channel.
Movement One of the 5 themes of geography. Mobility of goods/people/ideas. Ex. Trade or highway system.
Regions One of the 5 themes of geography. Areas defined by certain unifying characteristics. Ex. Great Lakes or Mediterranean
Job Specialization Focusing on a particular job. Ex. Doctors who specialize in one thing.
Land forms Natural features of land surface. Ex. Lakes and mountains.
Empire Land that exists outside a country's geographic boundaries. Ex. Great Britain controlled India and Australia.
Inflation A rise in prices.
Dictator A leader with absolute power and control of a country. Ex. Hitler, Stalin, Napolean
Veto Means "I forbid"-to block a bill or action. A power that is given to the president.
Republic A type of government where citizens vote to select their leaders. Ex. USA
Blockade To cut off an area from getting needed supplies. Ex. Spartas blockade of Athens.
Plague Deadly disease that wiped out 1/4 of European population. Called the black death.
Nomad A person who has no single, settled home. Moves from place to place.
Surplus More of a thing or product than is needed.
Civilization A society with cities, a central government, and workers who specialize in certain jobs.
Social Classes A group of people with similar backgrounds, wealth, and a way of living. Ranking of people within a society. Ex. slaves, priests, etc..
Scribes A professional writer.
Mesopotamia Ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in SW Asia.
Polytheism The belief in many gods. Ex, Egyptians have a sun god and river god.
Famine A time when there is so little food that many people starve.
Monotheism The belief in one god.
Dynasty A family of rulers
Reincarnation Rebirth of a soul in the body of another living thing.
Peasants Lowest class of most societies, typically involved in farming.
Population Density How crowded an area is or the number of people per square mile.
Migration To move from one place to settle(live) in another.
Continent Any of the main large land areas of the earth.(7) Ex. Europe, Asia, Africa
Country The whole land, or the people, of a region. Ex. United States
Civil Service All those employed in government administration or have a government job.
Currency The kind of money used be a group or nation.
Peninsula An area of land nearly surrounded by water.
Aristocrats A member of a rich and powerful family.
Democracy A form of government in which citizens govern themselves or representatives elected by the people.
Hemisphere One half of the earth.
Latitude The distance north or south of the equator.
Longitude The distance east or west of the prime meridian.
Created by: tomsheesley

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