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Module 2 Essentials

Module 2 Essentials 2018-2019 (Shafer/Sheesley)

Prairies Area covered by grasslands
Tundra A treeless, frozen plain
Permafrost Always frozen land
City-States Cities that are also independent nations
Policies A plan of work or action for governments
Feudalism A type of government in the middle ages that traded land for loyalty
Renaissance A time of rebirth in European history that focused on learning and the arts
Monarchy Government with a king or queen as a leader
Middle Class People between the rich and poor classes in wealth
Revolution A complete change in something (Ex. government)
Colony Territory ruled by another country
Industrial Revolution Change from hand labor to machinery
Imperialism The control of one country by another country
Nationalism Pride in one own country
Alliances Agreement of nations to work together
Westernization Taking on characteristics of western countries
Czar Russian emperors or kings
Cold War a cooling of relations between the USA and Soviet Union
Immigrants People that move from one place to another
Parliamnet Elected officials in Great Britain that help make laws
Representativies people who represent others, usually in government
Reunification process of bringing a divided country back together
Communism government where all property is owned by the government and shared with all people
Climate the average weather of a place over a period of years
Political Map showing countries and states
Physical Map showing physical features such as deserts, mountains, and rivers
Elevation the height above sea level
Urban living in the city
Rural living outside the city
Climate Zone areas with a particular climate
U.S.S.R. the name of Russia when under communist control
Civil War a war between people in the same country
Dark Ages a time period of disease, war, and lack of learning in Europe
Created by: tomsheesley
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