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Shafer essentials 2

Essentials 2

Government of the former Soviet Union. Idea is that the government should own and divide up all wealth. Communism
When a divided country becomes one nation again. Happened to Germany. Reunification
Someone elected or appointed to share the ideas of others. Representatives
Someone who moves into a country. Immigrant
Fighting among people of the same country or ethnic group Civil War
A cooling of relations between the United States and Soviet Union. 1950-1990. Not a true war. Cold war
Name given to Russia emperor. Similar to a king. Czar
Taking on the cultures and ways of life of Europeans and Americans. Like Hong Kong being like Great Britain. Westernization
Countries with similar beliefs that support each other Alliances
To have extreme pride in a country or ethnic group. Sometimes taken to an extreme such as by Adolf Hitler and Germany. Nationalism
Control of a nation by another in areas of government, economics and culture. Imperialism
Changing from the use of hand tools to machinery. Industrial Revolution
Country where the industrial revolution started Great Britain
A piece of land controlled by a foreign country Colony
A dramatic change Revolution
Group that is between the rich and poor groups in society, Middle Class
A government with a king or queen is called a Monarchy
A time period of great change in knowledge and culture in Europe. Renaissance
What does Renaissance mean? "Rebirth"
A form of government in which land is exchanged for loyalty. Feudalism
Elected officials in Great Britain who help to govern. Similar to American Congress. Parliament
What people do for fun. What is done when not working Recreation
An area of grassland Prairie
A treeless plain with ground that is always frozen. Tundra
A city that also may exist as a separate country. Has it's own characteristics. City-state
A plan governments have. How they handle situations. Policies
Constantly frozen ground Permafrost
Height above sea level Elevation
Located in cities Urban
Living in the country Rural
Average weather of a place over a period of years Climate
Shows countries or states Political Map
Shows landforms Physical Map
Means Union of Soviet Socialists. Name of the former Soviet Union. U.S.S.R
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