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Shafer Romans

Not having a job Unemployed
What type of government did Rome have at the beginning of their empire? Republic
Which Roman leader ended the republic and turned it into a dictatorship? Julius Caesar
Who was Rome's main rival? Carthage
where was Carthage located North Africa
Who was the leader of Carthage that wanted to destroy Rome? Hannibal
A group of 5,000 Roman soldiers? Legion
wealthy class of Roman people Patricians
Average and lowest class Romans Plebeians
Two leaders appointed to rule in the Roman Republic Consuls
Our president can do what to block a law he doesn't like Veto
Veto means what? "I forbid"
Rome is located in what current country? Italy
What region is Italy in? Mediterranean region
A name for lawmaking group both in Rome and in the U.S. Senate
Crazy Roman emperor who named his horse as a consul Caligula
A decline in the value of money causing increased prices. inflation
Is doing studystack enough to make me pass my quiz? No finish your study guide and also go over your notes
What is a mercenary A paid foreign soldier
Why is having mercenaries bad? Check your notes!
What was the free entertainment the Romans provided their poor people called? "Circuses"
What are values? Things that are important to someone
Making sure no branch of government gets too powerful is called? Checks and balances
All roads lead to....... Rome
Religion that was hated but later accepted by the Romans Christianity
A system that allows voting democracy
A POW is a ..... prisoner of war
B.C.E means Before Common Era
Anno Domini means In the year of the lord
A system where the "rules rule" and government power is limited by rules and constitutions. Republic
A system to bring water to Rome. Aquaducts
What did most Romans wear? Togas!
The Roman family was dominated by whom? Patriarchs
Created by: shafhunter