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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
(DMS) Chapter 17 China Develops a New Economy World History 2015-05-04 jhoward72 13 7 edit
(DMS) Chapter 16 The Political Development of Imperial China World History 2015-04-21 jhoward72 15 4 edit
(DMS) World Factbook (DMS) Economy World History 2014-09-23 jhoward72 14 1 edit
(DMS) Urbanization (DMS) Urbanization World History 2010-04-23 jhoward72 4 0 edit
(DMS) Buddhism Buddhism World History 2015-01-20 jhoward72 17 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 18 Chinese Discoveries and Inventions World History 2015-05-04 jhoward72 20 7 edit
(DMS) Feudal Japan (DMS) Feudal Japan World History 2014-05-31 jhoward72 11 1 edit
(JHS) Water Cycle (JHS) Water Cycle Earth Science 2010-05-12 jhoward72 15 0 edit
finale earth science Earth Science 2010-05-31 jhoward72 29 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 2 (DMS) The Development of Feudalism in Western Europe World History 2011-01-03 jhoward72 11 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 3 (DMS) The Role fo the Church in medieval Europe World History 2010-11-08 jhoward72 15 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 4 (DMS) Life in Medieval Towns Unfinished 2010-11-10 jhoward72 11 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 5 (DMS) The Decline of Feudalism World History 2010-11-22 jhoward72 11 0 edit
(DMS) Unit Vocab Social Studies Concept Vocabulary World History 2014-04-17 jhoward72 9 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 6 (DMS) The Byzantine Empire World History 2010-12-13 jhoward72 11 0 edit
(DMS) Religion Judaism & Christianity World History 2016-02-29 jhoward72 25 8 edit
(DMS) Chapter 8 & 9 Islam World History 2018-05-08 jhoward72 19 7 edit
(DMS) Chapter 10 Contributions of Muslims to World Civilization World History 2015-11-09 jhoward72 9 2 edit
(DMS) Chapter 11 From the Crusades to New Muslim Empires World History 2011-02-16 jhoward72 13 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 13 West Africa World History 2015-03-30 jhoward72 14 3 edit
(DMS) Israel The Middle East after World War II. World History 2015-05-14 jhoward72 17 3 edit
(DMS) India Indian independence from European colonization World History 2013-03-18 jhoward72 15 0 edit
(DMS) South Africa Vocabulary related to the independence of South Africa World History 2013-03-18 jhoward72 16 0 edit
(DMS) Chapter 19 China's Contacts with the Outside World World History 2014-01-14 jhoward72 10 2 edit
(DMS) Question Types 4 Question Types Unfinished 2012-09-24 jhoward72 7 0 edit
(DMS) Segregation Segregation Unfinished 2012-09-24 jhoward72 8 0 edit
(DMS) River Valleys Vocabulary terms related to the geography of river valley civilizations. World History 2016-02-02 jhoward72 21 9 edit
(DMS) Hinduism The religion of Hinduism. Unfinished 2015-04-21 jhoward72 22 6 edit
(DMS) The Mongols The Mongols World History 2015-05-13 jhoward72 16 2 edit
(DMS) World Factbook Vocabulary related to Standard of Living and Human Capital. Geography 2013-01-09 jhoward72 9 0 edit
(DMS) Government (DMS) Government Unfinished 2013-02-11 jhoward72 11 1 edit

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