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Shafer Egypt

Ancient Egypt

The Nile River is about how long? over 4, 000 miles
Fertile, dark soil Silt
What are the two parts of Egypt Upper and Lower
What were the two colors of Egyptian land? red and black
What is a cataract? an area of rapids in a river
An Egyptian leader Pharaoh
Ancient Egypt's history was divided into three periods called Old, Middle and New Kingdoms
Egyptian families that ruled are called dynasties
Egyptians wrote on what? papyrus
Hieroglyphics used what to communicate letters and words? Pictures
Osiris was the god of what? Afterlife
What organ was left in the body of a mummy? heart
What was the heart weighed against? the feather of truth
The main god of the Egyptians Sun god Ra
Groups of workers are referred to as? Laborers
The largest class of Egyptians society was? Peasants
Who were the slaves of Egypt? prisoners of war
What helped scientists figure out the hieroglyphs? the Rosetta Stone
What region is Egypt in? Middle East
What continent is Egypt on? Africa
What does A.D mean Anno Domini "in the year of the lord"
Giza, Thebes and Aswam are examples of what? Ancient Egyptian Cities
The most important public work of ancient Egypt Irrigation canals
Egyptians believed their dead would rise again or.... Reincarnation
A pharaohs power was....? Absolute
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