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Module 3 Essentials

Module 3 Essentials 2018-2019 (Shafer/Sheesley)

Cash Crops Things that are grown and sold for profit
middle passage Name given to the voyage of slaves between Africa and the America's
developing a country that is growing in technology
nationalism Pride in one's country, sometimes to an extreme
colony A country that is controlled by another country
literacy the ability to read and write
life expectancy how long people live on average in a specific area
subsistence having just enough to support a family
Plateau a flat area that is above the surrounding land
fertile able to grow many plants
tributaries small streams that run to a larger river
irrigate to artificially bring water to crops
domesticate to adapt something wild to human use
economy the things people do to make a living (money) in a given area
hunter gather a person who searches for food and animals to survive
ethnic groups people who share common language, religion, family, and customs
undeveloped a nation that lacks industry or technology
developed a country that has good industry and technology
imperialism when European countries took over African countries
commercial farming large scale production of crops for sale
Islam the religion that believes in Allah
culture the way of life of people who share similar beliefs and actions
apartheid system in South Africa that divided racial groups
clans a group of people with common ancestry
piracy robbery of others, usually at sea
bias an unfair preference(like) for or dislike of something
producer a maker of products
coup a violent overthrow of a government
consumer a buyer or purchaser of goods
entrepreneur a person who owns their own company
birth rate, death rate, famine things that affect the population in a given area
resource a source or supply of something of which a benefit is produced
Created by: tomsheesley
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