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MGB Rats and Mice

Mouse Mus Musculus
Lethargic Always Tired
Colostrum First milk produced after birth
Mortality Number of animals that die from a disease
Heat When a female will accept a male for mating
Urine Liquid waste
Sanskirt An ancient language of Asia
Obesity excessively fat
Gnawl Chew to keep their teeth short
Fomite Non-living that can carry disease wood, fork
Salmonella A bacteria
Morbidity The number that die
maloccusion Open Rooted
Date Dried food stuff
Diarrhea Flowing through the aines
Dextris Skillful
Nutrients Minerals, Vitamins, Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Water
Sexual Maturaty When they begin producing sex cells
Modified Pair Not bread at postpartum heat
supplement Added to the diet
Coprophagy Eat their own poop Ex: rabbits
Bread Pregnant
Albino No pigment
taxing Draining
Disease Any structural or functional disorder of the body
Estavation Survive droute
Parasite A living object that feeds on another object
Sign Something you can see
Symptom Something you can't see
Created by: Mary Grace Bock