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VT 2100 Rabbits

Housing, Disease, Care, Anatomy, Lad use

Order Lagamorphs
Define Lagamorphs 2 pairs upper incisors Non-Rodent!!!
Oryctolagus cuniculus domestic rabbit
Lepus Hares
Sylvilagus cottontail rabbit
Common breeds used for biomed research Dutch belt California NEW ZELAND WHITE
#1 common breed used for biomed research New zeland white
Why good for Atherosclerosis studies? High fat/cholesterol diet causes similar lesions
Why good for antibody studies? accessible ear viens
Why are Rabbits light weigh for their size? High muscle-bone ratio lg fat reserves
Male weight 2-5kg
Female weight 2-6kg
Domestic rabbits have ____ ears & ____ legs Shorter Ears Shorter/Less powerful Legs
Why good for antibody studies? accessible ear viens
Why are Rabbits light weigh for their size? High muscle-bone ratio lg fat reserves
Male weight 2-5kg
Female weight 2-6kg
Domestic rabbits have ____ ears & ____ legs Shorter Ears Shorter/Less powerful Legs
Wild rabbits are _____ in size smaller
Normal Temp 101.3-104 F
Pulse 180-250 Higher side
Respiratory Rate 30-60
2nd pair of incisors A.K.A "Peg" or "Wolf" Teeth
Females prominent skin folds A.K.A dewlap
Wet Dewlap = dermatitis
Which lung is larger? Right 3 lobes (Left 2 lobes)
Special Rabbit Neutrophils Heterophils
Type of stomach non-compartmentalized
Sacculus Rotundus What is it? Where is it? Muscular sac Terminal portion of ileum
Colon divided by Fusus Coli
Colon divided into what two sections? proximal/distal
function of Fusus coli produces cecotrophs
Define Cecotrophs Soft/Night Feces
Cecotrophs composed of H2o, Vitamins, Electrolytes, Nitrogen
Urine PH 8.0 Alkaline
Color of urine Dark brown-Yellow
__________uria and _________uria is common Albumin
Common Crystals found in Rabbit Urine Magenium Phosphate Calcium carbonate
Type of Uturs Duplex No uterine body
Special thing about their balls scrotum anterior to penis
Males called BUcks
Females called Does
Does gender identification slit opening
Bucks gender identification round urethral opening
Puberty is ____ for smaller breeds Quicker
Mature in 22-52months
Type of estrous cycle Seasonal Induced ovulators
Ovulation occurs __hrs post copulation 10
When breeding the ____'s visits the ____'s cage Doe visits the bucks cage
Gestation 29-35days
Nesting behavior begins hrs-days before kindling
Kindling occurs when morning
litter size 4-12 kits
Kits consume __% of body weight 20%
weaning 5-8days
Pseudopregnacy stimulated by mounting by other females or nearby mate
pseudopregnacy lasts 15-17 days
Doe's behavior during pseudopregnacy mammary development/nesting
Most active during evening and mornings nocturnal
TNZ 62-70 F
Heat stress possible at __ F >85 F
# of air exchanges per hour 10-15
Food consumption 50g/kg/day
Water consumption 50-150ml/kg/day
___% fiber in diet 10
__% Protein in diet 15
High fiber prevents trichobezoars and obesity
Proteolytics use prevent obesity and trichobezoars
Proeolytics example papaya an pinapple jucie
Too much ____ causes diarrhea Veggies
Diet consists of little ____ and mostly _____ & ______ little pellets mainly grass hay & veggies
Back fractures usually occur at L7
Remove rabbit from cage by scruff
non invasive procedure restraint V trough Light petting dimming light
invasive restraint procedure Restraint box
Firm manual restraint bunny burrito cat bag
Which ear is reserved for registration marks right
Anesthetic agents administered by Intranasal IV Nasogastric
SQ max amount 100ml
ID max volume 0.1ml
ID injection site lateral to spine on back
IM injection site epaxial (lumbar) Quadriceps (thigh)
IM injection Max 1.5 ml
IV preferred site marginal ear vien
pills can be pushed threw the diastema
____ is needed for a feeding tube or oral gavage speculum
Atropine effective in ___% 50%
Why isn't atrophine effective atropine esterase hydrolyzes atropine
Do you fast rabbits before anesthesia yes for accurate body weight
Fasting could lead to.... hypoglycemia and acid base imbalance
Veins for blood collection marginal or central aurticular ear jugular cephalic saphenous
Ear vein needle gauge 25-27
Special thing about ear vein puncture vacuum can collapse vessel collect sm. amounts from hub
caustive agent pasterurellosis pasterurella multocida
pasteurellosis A.K.A Snuffles
Pasterurellosis transmitted by aerosol and direct contact
Sneezing discharge from nares/feet/chest torticollis otitis Abcesses around neck Pasterurellosis
Torticollis head tilt
Antiboitic for Pasterurellosis Penicillin
Primary concer in young rabbits enterotoxemia and mucoid enterophathy
causative agent for Enterotoxemia and mucoid enteropathy E coli -or- clostridium
constipation watery diarrhea imapction of colon crouched body eterotoxemia and mucoid enteropathy
causetive agent for listeriosis listeria monocytogenes
anorexia depression weight loss listeriosis
tyzzer's disease treated with tetracycline in water 4-5days
Treponematosis AKA vent disease spirochetosis
Treponematosis incubation time 3-6 wks
genital lesions treponematosis
treatment for treponematosis penicillin
caustive agent for Tularemia Francisella Tularensis
Tularemia AKA Rabbit bite fever
Tularemia transmitted by direct contact vector bites inhalation
viral infection with high mortality rates myxomatosis
Reservoir for myxomatosis california bush rabbit
conjunctivitis pyrexia anorexia lethargy myxomatosis
wartlike lumps on neck, sholders, ears papilloma virus
caustive agent of coccidiosis Eimeria
Two forms of coccidosis hepatic intestinal
common in NZW buphthalmia
Rupture of eye possible Buphthalmia
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