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VT 2100 Hamsters

Scientific name Mesocricetus auratus
most common hamster used syrian -or- golden
Pet hamsters grey european dwarf
Species variy based on chromosome numbers physical characteristics
life span 18-36months
male weight 87-130g
female weight 95-130g
Gestation Shortest of all lab animals 15-18 days
Free from spontaneous dz
only lab animal that hibernates
Have no ____ teeth deciduous
molars are rooted
what resembles human molars tooth crowns
cheek pouches extend to the back to shoulder region
Cheek pouches are considered immunologically privileged
Why are cheeks considered immunologically privlaged site? no lymphoid tissue
Left lung has __# lobes 1
Right lung has __# lobes 5
Type of stomach nonglandular
define nonglandular stomach pregastric fermentation & grandular portion
Vascularity of brown fat is 4-6x greater that white
Renal papilla extends into the ureters
why is collection of urine simple renal papilla extends into the ureters
what can be induced by diet modifications Gallstones
Syrians are resistant to radation
Males rounded butt is due to fat pad along inguinal canal
Females butts appears to be pointed
what are more prominet in males flank glands
Puberty 6-8 weeks
estrus cycle 4 days
ovulation occurs within 2 days of estrus
after ovulation female produces vaginal discharge
Females ushually breed on 3rd day of estus
Created by: LittleLette