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VT 2100 Gerbils

Scientific Name Meriones unguiculatus
AkA name Mongolian Gerbil
There are ___# of species 90
Life span 24-39 months
Male Weight 46-131g
Female weight 50-55g
Water consumption 4ml/day
During droughts water is solely acquired from _____ Food
Glands located on the abdomen Prominent sebaceous glands
Sebaceous glands are more pronounced in females
50% of gerbils experience _____ _____ spontaneous seizures
Animal modles for what type of research? Endocrine functions lipid metabolism idiopathic epilepsy stroke radiobiologic
Good for endocrin functions because concentrated urine low water requirements
good for lipid metabolism studies because prone to high serum & hepatic cholesterol levles
good for stroke studies because susceptible to strokes
Good for radiobiologic studies because resistant to radiation
Females have a _____ anogenital distance Shorter
Mate in what type of pairs? monogamous
gestation period 25 days
females are bred during post partum
bred females have delayed implanation +3 weeks
weaning occurs 21-28 days
what do they do when frightened? Thump hind leg
TNZ 64-72 f
humidity 45-55%
Food consumption 5-7g
IM injection site rarely used
most common injections are SQ & IP
IV injection site Lateral metatarsal vein
Oral meds administered gavage or eye dropper
Do not mix meds in water because drink very little
Do not fast for anesthesia because high metabolism rate
Perfered blood collection site Retroorbital sinus
Small amounts of blood obtained from toe nail lateral metatarsal vien
Older gerbils may develop interstital nephritis cystic ovaries
Caustive agent for dermatitis Demodex -or- Staph Aureus
Nasal dermatitis is common in juveniles
Alopecia/dermatitis upper lip and nars nasal dermatitis
Nasal dermatitis is due to stress
Created by: LittleLette



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